Saturday, April 6, 2019

Random Review: Loose Lips & Relationships by AJ Rose and Kate Aaron #Review #Giveaway

Title: Loose Lips & Relationships
Authors: AJ Rose & Kate Aaron
Self Published
Publication Date: February 25, 2019
Length: 298 pages

Reviewed by Erin


Flaming, Missouri is the perfect place for police officer Marc Warren to heal his battered heart after a broken marriage. The tourist town is an easy beat and he finds sanctuary in his beautiful cabin on the Lake of the Ozarks. So when Grant “Good Time” Taylor shows interest, Marc is in no hurry to let Flaming’s resident bad boy rock his boat.

Grant has no interest in dating locals. Tourists are plentiful and don’t want more than he’s willing to give. But a bar bet turns personal when Marc hands him a humiliating public rejection. If Grant wants to get under the mysterious officer’s skin, he’ll have to offer more than a temporary port.

The small town rumor mill gets a jumpstart as Marc and Grant realize what they’ve been missing all along—each other. But not everyone is happy for them. Someone will stop at nothing to sink the budding relationship. Can Marc and Grant overcome their fears to fight for each other, or is their happiness destined to drown?

Award winning authors AJ Rose and Kate Aaron have teamed up to welcome you to Flaming, MO, a cozy thriller series with feel-good themes, charismatic characters, and a small town with a big heart.


I've never read anything by Kate Aaron but when I saw she was writing with one of my favorites, AJ Rose, I knew that was going to change. I'm all about contemporary romance and if you throw in a bit of mystery and suspense, well, I'm going to be all over that in a heartbeat ... especially when the setting is a small town in Missouri. From the blurb you can tell that their collaboration, Loose Lips & Relationships is going to be all of this and knew from reading most of AJ's other books that there were going to be some twists and turns--and some angst--along the way and I was not wrong! 

Flaming, MO seems like the perfect place for police officer Marc Warren after getting his heart broken. Quiet, peaceful, with gorgeous scenery, Marc is all about taking his time to get over his broken marriage and settling in his new town. He certainly doesn't need town playboy, Grant Taylor, throwing a major kink in his plan. Charismatic, life of the party Grant Taylor has happily earned his reputation as the town playboy and he sets his sights on quiet and reserved Marc and won't stop until he makes the man his. 

When circumstances bring the two together, Marc can’t help but be captivated by Grant. Their relationship is slow to build, and I liked that a lot. I liked getting to really know both of these characters, both the good and the bad. Grant’s mom is Marc’s boss so you know that is going to cause some problems and don’t even get me started on Marc’s mom. Just … whoa. There was a lot of family drama going on, and I will admit a few times it distracted from the romance between Marc and Grant, but it wasn’t so much that it made me want to stop reading. I know the blurb says mystery and I guess there’s some of that, but not as much as I was expecting.

As with any AJ Rose book, the writing is flawless. Kate is obviously equally talented because I could not tell who wrote which part it was that smooth and sharp. Like I said, I loved the setting and the town, I liked the secondary characters, well except one, lol, but you’ll figure out who when you read Loose Lips & Relationships. I really enjoyed spending time in Flaming, MO and can’t wait to go back and see who we meet in the next book! Be sure to check this one out, highly recommend.


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