Saturday, April 13, 2019

Random Review: Kisses From Heaven by Piper Kay #Review #Giveaway

Title: Kisses From Heaven
Author: Piper Kay
Publisher: Encompass Ink
Publication Date: April 11, 2019

Reviewed by Racheal


Hayden Montgomery has always been determined, hardheaded, and strong. He keeps his passionate side buried deep within. But shit just went South.
Now, his world is crumbling in front of him. Broken and lost, he’s trapped in an abusive relationship which makes it worse. Hayden just wants a way out of everything. Falling down the rabbit hole, he questions his own life or if he even belongs in it anymore.
Joseph, his very close friend from years ago, returns. They took different roads for a quick minute, but Hayden is overjoyed with his return and the strength and love Joseph has to share.
Unfortunately, Joseph harbors some deep and dark secrets that could get them both killed if he’s not careful.
There is a method to this madness! And many Kisses from Heaven up above.


Piper Kay's story Kisses From Heaven is definitely one of the most emotional roller coaster rides of feelings that I have experienced in the last few months. Her story focuses on one man’s journey throughout his adult life with occasional glimpses into his past.

Although, the story is fictional, at times I actually forgot that I was reading about a fictional character. The feelings that were written down were so raw that I could actually feel the pain through the words that were written, the hope that was given to his character when he finally found a reason to let down his walls, the devastation again when life threw more destruction in his pathway. But most of all, I saw strength and the ability to move on.

This is a remarkable story and would recommend this


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