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Random Review: James- Uncontrollable by Felice Stevens #Review #Giveaway

Author: Felice Stevens 
Title: James - Uncontrollable
Series: Man Up #4
Publication Date: September 30, 2018
Length: 258 pages

Reviewed by Jenn


It's time to travel with James and Malcolm through their twenty year history as they battle each other and struggle to hold on to a lifetime of secrets.
Never good enough.
Not the real son.
I will prove him wrong—prove everyone wrong.
I am someone.
I will succeed.
I don’t need my brother to help me.
I don't need anyone.
My enemy holds my secret.
He teases me.
Taunts me.
Follows me with his eyes.
Our hot, angry kisses keep me up at night.
I don’t want him.
I hate him.
But I can’t stop thinking about him.
That there's more to him
I want to discover him.
The truth is unexpected.
My enemy might not only be my friend but the love I never thought to have.

Live, love, laugh.
Life is too short to worry when you don’t know how long you’ve got.
I want every day to be my best.
Like it’s my last.
My friends see what I let them.
Not the real me.
Only one man has ever crawled beneath my skin.
He drives me crazy.
Makes me wild.
Makes me care.
A night of bad decisions changes the course of my life.
Everything I've known no longer makes sense.
My enemy now stands by my side.
I’m no longer running.
I want to stay.
I want a future.
Hate has changed to something new and wonderful.
Something terrifying.


James and Malcolm are book four in Felice Stevens' Man Up series, but are first in my heart! You know how oftentimes in a series, you’ll meet a character that you just zoom in on? For me, it was both James and Malcolm. I wanted to know what made them tick, what made them bicker so much and wow...it was so worth the wait.

James comes off in previous books, as this aloof tough guy who can’t seem to not show his heart.  We learn though that we’ve only scratched the service with this man. I wanted to kiss his boo boo’s better and step back before he scorched me all at the same time. This man who exudes so much control that when he lets lose, he could start a fire. His emotions, his desires, his wants and needs are all wrapped up so tightly. And if ever a man needed unwrapping, it’s James. Enter Malcolm.

Malcolm is a man who lives life to the fullest! Takes home a stranger, man or woman? Skydiving? Ski black diamonds? Yes, his answer always seems to be yes! He may not be as tightly wound as James, but that doesn’t mean what you see is what you get. Malcolm sees James and you get the impression that he is often the only person who does. What does he choose to do when he runs into “Jamie”? He torments, aggravates and flirts...all of which push James’s boundaries and his limits. These two are like magnets that keep circling around each other, each waiting to see who will flip first and end this battle once and for all. 

James and Malcolm's story, their past and their future are filled with so much. Can the two boys who almost became friends find their way to being so much more to each other? Can they survive what will happen if they don’t...if they do? You’ll have to read and see!! It’s such a great story from first word to last and I hope you’ll fall for these men as much as I did. Man Up is a fabulous series and one I highly recommend starting from the beginning. You won’t be disappointed stepping into this world, it’s so full of love, friendship and so much heart. Happy reading.


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