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Length: 217 pages

Cover Design: Jay Aheer @ Simply Defined Art


“The world is a cruel place...”

No one believes that more than I do. My name is Declan Forester, and I am a Zedian. Part of a different species born with miraculous gifts from the gods, only the humans don’t see it that way. They see us as something to be tamed.

After being captured by the humans and stripped of my abilities, I have little left. With my life in shambles, my thoughts are haunted by my human tormenter. Dr. Adam Davenport. A human male that is everything nightmares are made of. 

Now, his unwilling captive in a government-run facility, I am forced to obey his every demand, or be punished. Caught up in a web of lies about gods, the push to help a hot redhead, my high running desires and, oh yeah, the pending apocalypse, I find myself falling apart. And Adam may be the only one to save me...if I comply.


It’s all about the Ultimate power.
Declan is a Zedian, a healer and energy reader, a Zedian with a beautiful and kind soul. He was held hostage by humans ... they needed his power.
Robbed of his powers they set him free, but he just couldn't forget one of them, his tormentor Dr. Adam Davenport. 

Adam took him again after some time and a strange and contradictory interaction started, one both couldn’t deny. But there was no time or place for feelings... a higher goal had to be reached.

“Don’t ever forget who you belong to now, Declan,” he growled. “I won’t lose you, Declan. Not now, not ever.”

We are witness to a battle with humans, Zedian and gods, amazing powers, beautiful and also dark energies, human and Zedian emotions and affections. Spheres, orbs, haze, and more magical things are all around. There is torment and torture, heartbreaking pain and friendship with deep feelings. At the end, there are many questions... and the promise of a continuation.

I constantly had the feeling everyone had a second agenda, and when they didn't, I had some trouble dealing with it. 
No matter if you are an extraordinary specis, a godly creature, or lower in rank, emotions are always a weakness and get in the way of the ultimate goal. At the end ‘we’re only human’ 

Wonderfully written story, strongly developed, and the environments were so well described I was just part of it all,  seeing and feeling it all, it was like a movie before my eyes.  The characters were all so well done, you will love and hate them.
I understood this was a first by this author... unbelievably well done.
An extraordinary story, I just couldn’t put down before I reached the last page.

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Author Bio

"Writing has always been my passion. I love to entertain others through the worlds I create. I encourage others to follow their passions, live their dreams, and write. I hope you all enjoy what I write and gain the courage to express yourself."

~Lee has a bachelor’s in media and communications, is a huge nerd and loves to write about sexy men loving men. Come check her out on Facebook and chat!

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