Friday, November 30, 2018

Random Review: Forever and Ever by Devon McCormack

Author: Devon McCormack
Title: Forever and Ever
Self Published
Publication Date: October 24, 2018

Reviewed by Jenn


They missed out on love...or so they thought.

At seventy-seven, Wes Brenner is certain he's lived a full life. But one thing he'll never know is true love.

When he heads to Heathrow Estates retirement community, planning to spend the rest of his days playing golf and taking spin classes, he runs into an acquaintance from his hometown: Art Cromley.

Although they'd never discussed it when they were younger, they shared a secret. And what begins as catching up on the good ole days transforms into long walks, which turns into so much more...

Wes begins feeling something for Art...something he never allowed himself to feel before.

Art Cromley spent his life chasing romance and love, but instead, found liars and cheaters.

He gave up on silly notions of 'happily ever after' and 'forever and ever' a long time ago, but when Wes Brenner comes to live at Heathrow Estates, Art discovers a connection unlike anything he's ever experienced with another man--a connection that gives him a reason to hope.

But isn't it too late for them?

Isn't it too late for love or dreams of forever and ever?



I have made no secret of loving this author’s books and Forever and Ever is no exception. From the moment I saw the cover and read the blurb, I knew this was going to be something special. The idea of falling in love at 77 sounded so sweet and it is a sweet book, but it’s more than that. It’s a story filled with friendship, fun, romance and yes...some sexy. As someone who isn’t 77, but often feels that way due to chronic illness, this book spoke to my heart. It’s never too late to feel butterflies and nerves, no matter your age or the shape your body is in. Time passes, life happens and both leave their marks...inside and out. I love that most of all about this story, it’s so real.

Wes and Art met as boys and spent an afternoon together. It’s an afternoon that neither boy ever forgot, even if some of the details are sketchy. That day was a day full of possibilities, unfulfilled, but a day that left its mark. We fast forward 60 years and the “boys” are now 77 year old men meeting back up in their assistant living community. They begin spending time together, catching up on life and Art showing Wes the ropes in his new community. Art introduces Wes to his closest friends and Wes begins his new life. A life that much like that day 60 years ago...feels full of possibilities. Art and Wes both begin to wonder if it isn’t too late for a chance at happily ever after. 

This book is nothing short of beautiful, the idea of two men growing up in a world that wouldn’t accept them, finding love at this stage in their lives. Not only finding it, but loving in the open, out loud and with their full hearts. It shows us that when you find a love that was worth waiting for, you grab it and hold onto it no matter what. Love is always worth the risk, love is always worth the pain that may follow, love is worth everything. This book is full of hope and it left my heart full of feelings. The ending still has me smiling, still brings a tear to my eye. I hope to see more stories with main characters that aren’t what society would consider leading men. Wes and Art are absolutely leading men material and I’m thrilled that their story was told.


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