Friday, June 23, 2017

Release Day Review: Waiting for Walker by Robin Reardon #Review #Giveaway

Author: Robin Reardon
Book: Waiting for Walker
Publisher: IAM Books
Publication date: June 23, 2017
Length: 431 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Micah Jeager's life is a mess. His folks have split, and now he lives with his mother in the manager's unit of a motel. His mother is seeing a medium to communicate with Micah's older brother, killed in Afghanistan. He had to change schools for his junior year, which made him retreat further into himself, hiding behind his camera—and hiding that he's gay.

One sunny day in June, as he's shooting a dead seagull on the shore of Long Island Sound, a mysterious guy appears in a beautiful sailboat. At first, the guy's boat shoes are the image that stays with Micah. But soon it's the person himself, Walker Donnell, who haunts Micah's dreams.

Walker's life looks perfect to Micah. His wealthy parents adore him; he has everything he could want; he's gorgeous and generous; and he falls hard for Micah. But he has a secret: Walker is intersex.

The closer Walker and Micah grow, the more Walker feels a need to be sure of himself in ways he hasn't fully faced before, and now it's his turn to retreat. Micah knows Walker is worth waiting for, so he waits. And waits.

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Waiting for Walker is a true breath of fresh air. I've read thousands of books but this one was something I actually never encountered. It's sad really but this is the first book I've read with an intersex MC. Intersex people are everywhere but it's like there's this stigma that they are "freaks" and no one should discuss them. Well this author is shining a much needed light on Walker.

Micah, the other MC, is dealing with a lot. His life doesn't seem to be going very well. Everything feels bleak and he's drowning in his own sorrows. It isn't until Walker appears that Micah feels something hopeful.

Walker, what can I say about Walker? Outstanding human being. Stronger than so many, Awe inspiring. So Brave. Walker is not written like a seen and not heard character. Robin Reardon does not put rose colored glasses on her reader's faces when discussing Walker being intersex at all. She shows us the frustrations, confusions, and the patience. She weaves a tale so beautiful and full of understanding I felt like a new person after reading it.

Robin Reardon focuses on the internal struggles of Walker. The emotion behind the depth this character is built. It's so vital to understand.

Micah and Walker deal with their own struggles but in this book they discover they aren't alone. Even though we are taught our path is ours to take there's nothing that says someone can't walk beside you.

This is more than a coming of age story this is a waking up story. This is a book that everyone should read.


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