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Saturday Author Spotlight: Dakota Storm #Interview #Giveaway #Review

Dakota is a fairly new author in this genre but I've found her books to be full of romance and happy endings. There's never enough of those in this world if you ask me. She has a new book out called Rescued. We are going to take a look at that book and her other, Hunter. I have a review, there's an interview, and a giveaway at the end. So, sit back and enjoy.

Dean Montgomery loves his ranch and his family, but something is missing. When he sets out on a road trip to purchase land to expand his ranch, he finds himself stranded in a snowstorm.

When the sexy and gruff Colt James, a tracker and rescue worker, rescues Dean, both of their lives are turned upside down. Attraction sizzles, and hearts race. But then trouble brews, and Dean is needed back home. Can these two make their new relationship work?


Two words that come to mind with this story is sweet romance. The title of this book is Rescued and I have to tell you that there was a lot of rescuing in this book. You think it’s just Dean that gets rescued but as the story progresses you realize that’s not it at all. Let’s just say a lot of people get lost in this. But the biggest rescue of this book was for Colt and Dean. They rescued each other in a way no first responders ever could. And that is where the sweet and romantic comes in.

There’s a bit of suspense in this book when it comes to saving lives. Not a lot of romantic suspense but that was fine because the author does a good job of making you sweat for other reasons.

Rescued is the type of book you read when you’re not looking for something massively deep but are looking for a good romance that will literally warm your heart. It’s about family, friends, and love.
Coop was such an outstanding kid and you can’t help but smile whenever he’s on page. He’s a breath of fresh air and there’s no doubt you’ll love him.

I recommend this book to people who love love. People who crave happily ever afters, and appreciate books that leave you with a smile.

Also by Dakota Storm

Sexy-as-sin bounty hunter Hunter Jones lives, eats, and breathes his next case. He's always been content to live his life on the road with no attachments and no one to answer to. Love is for other people. But when he stops in a small town for a little R&R and meets up with a fellow bounty hunter to review a case, he runs into the man of his wet dreams. Hunter isn't ready for love, but Van turns his head and heart upside down.

Donovan “Van” Madsen has it all: a lucrative business, a close-knit family, and a best friend. But something is missing. Van always dreamed of finding the "one," but never thought it would happen ... until Hunter.

The mutual attraction is instant and intense between the two men. Neither can say goodbye.

When trouble brews and Van is kidnapped, Hunter realizes life is too short to not take what he wants. In this action-packed romance, both men’s lives are on the line and their love might not be enough to save them.


Thank you, Dakota, for being here today as the Saturday Author Spotlight!! We’re going to be talking about your new book Rescued and a little about you as well. You’re a busy bee even when you’re not publishing books and I want everyone to know.

So when you’re not publishing what are you doing within the LGBTQA community and outside of it?

I read and review for many LGBT authors and hype their books. I also started a LGBT books and More newsletter that comes out twice a month. Usually the 1st and 15th of  each month. I spotlight authors, their books and share buy links and interview them as well. Outside of work I have a very demanding more than full time job which takes a lot of my time and energy but I make time to write or edit or hype my books each day. The weekends are when I get the majority of my writing in.

Rescued is a very apt title for this book. Colt is quite an amazing tracker. Was there inspiration for him somewhere?

I went back and forth of the name and thought Rescued fit the best, thinking not only is Colt a tracker and rescue worker but they rescued each other. There wasn’t any specific inspiration behind Colt; I just like to write about gruff and tough guys who have huge hearts and do amazing things . The story brought me in a different direction than what I originally thought and I loved every second of it.

I love kids in books. Coop is so outstanding. Add a dog and you’re on your way to full on sweetness. What was your favorite part about writing Coop and Dog?

I have read many books with kids and dogs in them and I am a huge fan. I love kids in books, they lighten the moment or make a moment more special. I love Coop because he’s got a huge heart like his uncle, he’s sweet and so considerate and so damn funny at times. I think he fit in the story bringing it to a new level and added lots of sweetness and loving moments. Coop shows even though he had crappy parents you can still make a life of happiness for yourself.

You address “bad fathers” in this book often. Alcoholic and abusive. Why was this such a prominent subject?

My dad is an amazing father so I didn’t get any of that from him. I just hear so many stories about how kids were mentally or physically abused and sometimes kids follow in their bad parent’s footsteps or become a mirror image of them. I wanted to show that although all three of the main characters had shitty fathers they made a life for themselves and became successful and loving people that want a better life for their kids.

Dean craves family. He meshes right in with Colt and Coop. When writing Dean what sort of mental image did you have for him and does he have any parts of you in him?

I love animals and love the outdoors so some of his love for those things came from me. I saw in Dean a lonely type guy who has so much to offer but he didn’t necessarily put himself out there to see what was out there for him. I also saw a guy who had a hard life but always craved a family and wanted to give love and be loved. I think his brother and sister-in-law had a lot to do with him wanting a family and seeing although he had a shitty upbringing you could have a family and be happy. He loved his grandparents for taking them in and showing them love.

I have to ask this because people will wonder. Will there be a sequel?

At first I wrote it as a stand-a-lone but I want more of these characters and feel they have more to offer. I am thinking of Rusty the ranch manager as being my next main character and building off that bringing Colt, Coop and Dean back.

Can you tell us what you are currently working on or projects in the future?

I have so many books that I have wanted to write for a long time. Some I already started and put aside and others are waiting to begin. My WIP is about a Café owner who is an artist both in drawing and photography. He opens a Café bringing his creativity to life by creating sweet treats and specialty coffees, he’s funky and sweet and an all-around good guy. In walks a sexy musician who is on a break from his band, trying to figure out what’s next for his life. They first become friends and then……

What are you hoping your readers take away from Rescued?

That love is love and sometimes you have to go out and find it but it’s there….Also that even if you’ve had a shitty upbringing you can make your own happy in life, make your own way and show the world I can do it. Lastly family comes in all shapes and forms, family is what you make it.

How can your readers follow you in social media: Twitter, Facebook, Website etc…
Author Links:

Facebook/Nanee McGee (I use the majority of the time hyping Dakota Storm)
twitter : @naneemcgee (will be starting a new one soon for Dakota)


Beer or Wine? Neither I am a Latte drinker or flavored water
Day or Night? I want to say Night (hubs and I used to stay up to the wee hours of the morning writing and watching movies or listening to music but mostly with my day job I get up at 4:30 am so I go to bed early now.
Favorite color? Dark stormy blue
Favorite time of day? When I get out of work and relax with hubs and write
Dogs or cats? Dogs!
Summer or winter? Summer..I hate Winter
Favorite Smell? Fresh cut wood or grass and of course freshly brewed Latte!

Thank you so much for being here today!


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Thank you to Dakota for being here today!

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