Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Release Day Review: Constructing the Soul by Annabella Michaels #Review #Giveaway

Author: Annabella Michaels
Book: Constructing the Soul
Series: Souls of Chicago #5
Self Published
Cover Artist: Jay Aheer
Publication date: June 27, 2017
Length: 226 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Akio Forrest loved his life. He had an amazing job, great friends, supportive parents and was recently given the responsibility of heading up the Agape House project, the construction of a new facility for the Chicago-based center that helped LGBTQ teens. He knew it would be a huge undertaking, but being able to help more kids in need was something he and all his friends were willing to work hard for. Excited to begin the project, Akio was taken by surprise when he came face to face with strong, sexy and self-assured, Morgan Greene, the new contractor for the job.

Morgan Greene had always considered his life a good one. Born and raised in a small town in Tennessee by two loving parents, he owned a successful construction company. When circumstances in his personal life left him desperate for a change, he decided to leave his home and move to Chicago. The move would allow him to finally, live closer to his favorite cousins while also expanding his business. Never one to shy away from an adventure, Morgan was excited about starting the next chapter in his life. What he wasn't expecting was meeting someone like Akio Forrest.

Working together to make the Agape House project a reality, Akio and Morgan soon realized that what was happening between them was much more than just a simple attraction. When outside forces bring past hurts and doubts to the forefront, the two men are left to wonder if the foundation they'd laid was strong enough, or if everything they'd worked so hard to build come crashing down around them?


Constructing the Soul is book 5 in Annabella Michaels’ Souls of Chicago series. Each book is technically a standalone but to truly grasp the link this author has created with all the characters you should start from the beginning.
In this installment, we have the characters Morgan Greene (Yes, another Greene) and Akio. When I say another Greene I don’t mean this badly. With the exception of book four (Reconstructing the Soul), each book in this series has been making a match for a member of the Greene family. Morgan Greene is the cousin of Landon, Carter… etc… all them. He signs on to contract, build, make perfect the new Agape House. And Akio is tasked with running it. (heeheehee) I can’t help giggle.
Akio is fabutastic! My new favorite character of this series. (Landon still is a close second) He is sassy, classy, and bada**y! He’s also vulnerable. He wears his attitude like a shield and it’s not until Morgan busts through that we see who he really and truly is. Funny enough, Morgan and Akio have a lot in common and they are each other’s balm to a wicked burn from past fires.
This book is a little softer than Annabella’s others but the situations and conflicts are different. There’s no one trying to kill anyone here. We simply have two men fighting the tide to get to each other. The obstacles are there and they need to be conquered. I don’t want to give anything away but there’s a scene in this book that I stood up and applauded the author on. It was a situation that had the makings of being disastrous for Morgan’s character but Annabella Michaels nailed it. She brought realism. She actually made Morgan the adult he is supposed to be and it was in that moment that I knew nothing was going to fail these two characters. I so wish I could tell you it but it’s a spoiler and that’s a no no.
Do read this book and this series it’s so freaking fabulous.


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