Sunday, March 26, 2017

Book of the Week: The Case of the Guilty Ghost by Amber Kell & RJ Scott #Review

Authors: Amber Kell & RJ Scott
Book: The Case of the Guilty Ghost
Series: End Street #6
Length: 111 pages

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Bob is lost in grief, Sam is fighting for his life, and there is no middle ground. Can their love survive?

Bob is grieving over his brother’s sacrifice. Guilt-ridden and devastated, he buries himself in vampire mourning and pulls away from Sam.

Magic tears Sam from the vampire castle and he has to face new adversaries alone, when all he wants is Bob at his side.

Ettore is in the Aset Ka waiting room, next in line for the ceremony for his soul to be torn from his body. Aset Ka has other plans, and Ettore finds himself reunited with a lost love and fighting alongside his brother.

A forgotten past binds Theodore ‘Teddy’ McCurray Constantine III to Ettore, and with the curse tied to Ettore broken by his death, Teddy’s past returns to him with a vengeance.

A royal family in denial, a battle between gods, and long forgotten love leaves no time for Sam and Bob to take a breath. Is it too late to save the supernatural world? 


Oh my word! I love this series. It’s all been building toward this one. I think it’s the final book in the series but never say never! 
Sam is the almighty power of the universe. As we’ve followed him from book one until now, we have seen his magic grow. And through it all we’ve asked why? What is the reason? Well, I can tell you all this; you’ll find out in this book. Your questions get answered and End Street meets its end game!
Bob, Ettore, Teddy, Smudge, Jin, Mal, Maliki, all of them are in for the fight of their lives and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book. This is extremely fast paced and over before you know it. If this is in fact the end of this series I am going to miss it terribly. 
We find out Teddy’s story, Ettore’s fate, and all the questions get answers; and I have to say, RJ and Amber really filled in the holes, gaps, and loose ends wonderfully. This very well might be my most favorite paranormal series out there. I want to go back and read them all again (and I am not a re-reader) because I want to see if I can pick up on the little things that in the end made all the difference. Each case Sam took on was vital to Sam’s purpose, his power, and ultimately his responsibility.
You have to read these books in order. They aren’t stand alone and you’ll miss out on a lot if you don’t
Huge bravo and standing ovation to these authors!

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