Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Release Day Review: Wild Instincts by Ethan Stone #Review #Giveaway

Author: Ethan Stone
Book: Wild Instincts
Series: Seaside Shifters #2
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: March 8, 2017
Cover Artist: Garrett Leigh
Length: 129 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Police cadet and bear shifter Tyson Dakota looks forward to his on-the-job training in Seaside, Oregon, working alongside his cousin, Chief of Police John Dakota. Their goal is to investigate the growing meth epidemic and identify the kingpin bringing the drugs into their community. All signs point to someone inside law enforcement working with the drug traffickers, and Tyson must find out who before the body count gets any higher.

Along the way, Tyson meets Amante, a charismatic and attractive man in town for reasons he doesn’t want to share. Tyson is drawn to Amante despite his secretive ways and is sure there could be more between them than explosive passion, if he could just get Amante to make his stay in Seaside permanent. But when Tyson’s pursuit of justice puts him at odds with Amante, they could lose more than their fledgling relationship.

They could end up losing their lives.

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You know me, I love shifter stories. And yes, this was a shifter story but the shifter aspect was not something that played a large role. I wanted more of that part to feel like I wasn’t reading just any old story. There wasn’t much about it that differed from many others except for the mpreg part.

One of my issues with this book was that the chemistry between Tyson Dakota and Amante basically wasn't there. The opening bar scene felt stilted and off, with no sizzle or heat between them. I don’t mind that the sex had happened so soon in the book, but that the whole lead up and that scene felt...weird. Like I was waiting for some big thing to happen that never came about.

Another thing for me was Tyson’s involvement in the whole drug thing. He was 18 years old, not even a cadet yet, and somehow he would be involved that much in a crime that big? It felt so unreal right from the start. If the author had made him older, a bit more mature, and maybe already a cadet with some training it could’ve been written off for a small town thing. That at least would’ve made it a bit more believable.

There were a couple of other things that that jolted me from the story but they’re spoiler type things so I won’t go into them in my review.

Overall, the writing was moderate, no errors or issues, it just made the story feel blah to me right from the start. I struggled to push myself to get through it, but I didn’t read book one. So if book one worked for others this one may as well. I feel like this one would be  subjective to the reader type story that will have a varying degrees of likes to dislikes.  


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