Saturday, December 3, 2016

November Top Reads #Reviews #Giveaway

A new month has begun and that means one has ended. Look at the logic! With that comes a Top Reads post of course! Once again Erin, Morningstar, and myself have picked our top choices for the month of November. Meaning we read and reviewed them in that month. There's no December Top Reads since the yearly top reads will be given out in January! So this is our last monthly Top Reads of 2016! Below you'll see our choices and the links to the original posts. At the end there's a giveaway so check it out.


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  1. Wow, I hadn't read MOST of the titles listed. Probably because some of the authors are not my cup of tea *LOL*. Anyway, some of my favorite reads of November are:

    - When to Hold Them (G.B. Gordon)
    - Roughing the Passer (Allison Hendricks)
    - A Family for Christmas (Jay Northcote)
    - Private Truths (C.B. Lewis)
    - Stone and Shell (Lloyd A. Meeker)
    - Long Shadows (Kate Sherwood, advanced readers copy)

  2. So many wonderful books, perhaps my most longed for book was the third book in the Timing series Glenn's story 'When The Dust Settles' By Mary Calmes. Then it was getting hold of the revised first two books and falling in love with Rand's cover for Timing (sigh)

  3. I loved Dyeing to be Loved by Aimee Nicole Walker and i just finished Borrowing Blue by Lucy Lennox. Absolutely amazing.

  4. whenthe dust settles was great and reading a protectors christmas right now

  5. I looked up my list and realized I didn't read much MM books last month, but from the few I say among my favorites are Ginn Hale's Maze Born Trouble, Posy Robert's Analog to Digital, Tessa Bailey's Wound Tight, and Josh Lanyon's Murder Between the Pages - which are totally different from what's listed here. :)

  6. So far, my favorite one has been Amy Lane's Summer Lessons. I love all things Amy Lane...

  7. Books I've read in November that were my favorite were: The Weight of It All by N.R. Walker, Not a Game by Cardeno C., Solo Honeymoon by Lisa Worrall and A Christmas Kiss
    by Annabelle Jacobs.

  8. I agree - loved Jake Wallace Vampire Justice (both books)

  9. I loved reading Mary Calmes Timing series again as there were second editions of "Timing" and "After The Sunset" and the new one "When The Dust Settles"

  10. I loved Falling Down and Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles by Eli Easton

  11. The best book I read in November was Quillon's Covert by Joseph Lance Tonlet & Louis Stevens

  12. Hotline by Anderson is SO GOOD! Glad to see it on this list. Great choices.

  13. Some of my favs were:
    A Christmas Hex (Hexworld #2.5) by Jordan L. Hawk
    A Family for Christmas by Jay Northcote
    Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles by Eli Easton
    Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin (audiobook)
    Interborough (Five Boroughs Book 4) by Santino Hassell
    The Soldier's Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian

  14. A Family for Christmas by Jay Northcote
    Three Dates of Christmas by KC Burn
    Teddy Bears by Brandon Witt