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Promo Post & Release Day: Cupid's Christmas Arrow by Lynn Michaels #Review #Excerpt #Giveaway

Author: Lynn Michaels
Book: Cupid's Christmas Arrow
An Olympian Holiday Novella
Publisher: Rubicon Fiction
Publication date: December 2, 2016
Length: 152 pages
Cover by: Jay Aheer

Reviewed by Meredith


Do you believe in Christmas miracles? Love at first sight? How about getting hit with Cupid’s arrow? Can it happen to you?
Ami is a cupid, behind on his quota. Bringing love to lonely humans is a satisfying career, until he starts to recognize just how lonely he is. It is Christmas time and he can no longer bring himself to do his job.
Paul is an up and coming musician with a happy soul. He has raw talent and the support of family and friends. Success is his for the taking. It’s Christmas time and life is good. Then a stranger comes into his life, and they are a match made in heaven, until Ami just disappears...
Will love bring a Christmas miracle when Ami, the failing cupid, meets Paul, the aspiring musician?

Exclusive Excerpt

“I want you Ami. I want you now. Every inch of you. But...” He sat back on his heels, supporting himself with one arm on the back of the couch. His other hand gripped Ami’s shirt and tugged it free from where it had been tucked into his slacks.

“But what? I’m yours.”

“I’m afraid you’re going to leave again.” Paul sucked his bottom lip in between his teeth, worry haunting his eyes.

“No. Not ever. Not as long as you want me with you. I swear. By Olympus...”

“You say the strangest things sometimes.”

Ami sucked in a quick breath. He hadn’t even realized. “I’m a geek...” He offered a shy smile, hoping it was enough explanation.

“I don’t even care. As long as you’re with me. Say whatever bizarre shit you want.”

For a second Paul searched Ami’s face. Then it happened...that second that ticked over on the clock, when Paul let go and gave up his apprehension. He dropped down on Ami, fast and sure. He took Ami’s mouth in another greedy kiss. Ami gave it to him—his lips, his tongue, his soul.


Got to love this time of year with all the Christmas stories! Cupid’s Christmas Arrow is quite unique. The author takes Valentine’s Day Cupids and mixes them with Christmas. I guess it’s an assumption that the symbol of Cupid is just for Valentine’s Day so to see them in a Christmas story was creative.
Ami, a Cupid, has trouble making people fall in love. Always missing his quota. While walking down the street he hears a man singing. And that is all Ami needed. Love happens when it happens, even for Cupid.

I will say there’s a cupid in this that I do not like and he’s the worst of the worst. I wish I could have seen him meet a bad end but alas nope.  He’s a horrible bully and perhaps if this was a full length novel and not a novella he’d have met an arrow to his stupid head. Lol. 

I loved Paul and Ami so much together. They are amazing! Ami goes through a lot to fall in love but he does get it because this is a Christmas love story plain and simple.

About Lynn Michaels

Lynn Michaels lives and writes in Tampa, Florida where the sun is hot and the Sangria is cold. Lynn is the newest addition to Rubicon Fiction, and she loves reading and writing about hot men in love.


Lynn is giving one winner an ebook copy of Cupid's Christmas Arrow
and another a signed paperback.
Contest is international!

Contest ends December 11th!

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  1. I don't believe in love at first sight so if that includes Christmas Love than no.

  2. Love can happen anytime. There is no actual date or season. It will just happen. Thus, I believe on Christmas love.

  3. Why not? Falling in love can happen anytime. So at Christmas too.
    Yes I believe in Christmas love.

  4. I believe in miracles and I believe in love at first sight, so why not Christmas Love? Christmas is a magical time!

  5. Yes!! Love can happen anywhere at anytime. Just open your mind and heart! Congrats 🎉 Lynn!!!! Love love the cover!

  6. Sure! While I didn't meet my husband at Christmas, we did get married two days after Christmas.

  7. By the way, it tickles me that the cupid has my name. Yep. "Ami" with an "i" *LOL*. Sure, I believe in Christmas Love. I believe that love can happen any day of the year :)

  8. I believe in love and it can strike at any time or place so I do believe in a Christmas love is also possible.

  9. Of course! Cupid's arrow can strike you anywhere anytime.

  10. I like the idea of it but I'm kind of skeptical.

  11. I've never considered it... I guess it could be, but I do not believe in love at the first sight and Christmas love sounds much alike!

  12. Anything can be possible. Just got to believe.

  13. Christmas is a time for miracles, so love is always an option!

  14. I used to not believe in love at first sight, but then I was hit by it. So, yes, I believe in Christmas love too.