Friday, December 23, 2016

Release Day Review: Acting Up by John Inman #Review #Giveaway

Author: John Inman
Book: Acting Up
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: December 23, 2016
Length: 190 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


It’s not easy breaking into show biz. Especially when you aren’t exactly loaded with talent. But Malcolm Fox won’t let a little thing like that hold him back.

Actually, it isn’t the show-business part of his life that bothers him as much as the romantic part—or the lack thereof. At twenty-six, Malcolm has never been in love. He lives in San Diego with his roommate, Beth, another struggling actor, and each of them is just as unsuccessful as the other. While Malcolm toddles off to this audition and that, he ponders the lack of excitement in his life. The lack of purpose. The lack of a man.

Then Beth’s brother moves in.

Freshly imported from Missouri of all places, Cory Williams is a towering hunk of muscles and innocence, and Malcolm is gobsmacked by the sexiness of his new roomie from the start. When infatuation enters the picture, Malcolm knows he’s really in trouble. After all, Cory is straight!

At least, that’s the general consensus.

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John Inman has always been the type of writer to balance humor and seriousness well. Always great depth with perfect levity.  Acting Up has those qualities that I love about this author.

This story is told in Malcolm’s POV. In the beginning he engages the reader by holding conversations with us. It’s funny because it reminded me of the show Malcolm in the Middle… And yes the fact that in both cases the MC is named Malcolm doesn’t go unnoticed. So, back to THIS Malcolm. He’s a struggling actor, he doesn’t know what being in love is because he’s never experienced it.

Cory Williams is Malcolm’s best friend and roommate Beth’s brother and he has moved in with them. He’s a hunky southern boy and of course Malcolm is attracted to him.
So we play this cat and mouse game. The buildup the burn. It was sweet to see the realization with Malcolm and the fall into love… It was sweet.

Malcolm and Cory do have it easy in the love department, maybe too easy. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it was too effortless. I kept hoping for more drama maybe? I can’t place what was missing but I’d say that. 

All the same it was a good, sweet read. It absolutely falls in the fluffy effortless love category for me.


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