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Promotional Post: Neon White Season One by Wulf Francu Godgluck #Review #Giveaway

Author: Wulf Francu Godgluck
Book: Neon White: Season One
Series: A Tooth Claw & Horns Chronicle
Publication Date: April 21, 2016
Length: 285 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Detective Raven White was just a regular detective until the Revelation came and bitch slapped the human race so hard they saw the other side.

Now, four years later Raven is forced to work as an Enforcer, dealing solely in crime cases of the supernatural and paranormal. But a new case is ripping open his own past, as the circumstances sting close to an old scar still healing on his heart.

Yet the world is stirring, other missing cases of supernaturals have been plaguing the community and as Raven pursues his leads, they might just turn around and bite him, delivering one nasty poison, complaints straight from Hell.

Bla'Gar, the Callous One, had been banished to earth a long time ago. He would not deny that his time on the earth realm had not been favorable. Yet one encounter with a beautiful human man plunges him right back into his own personal hell.

Sweeping a mere mortal off his feet and making him fall in love with you, is harder done than said. Especially if your lungs burn like ash and your heart bleeds with love for the first time in what feels like forever.

But Life and Death is an infinite circle, spinning and chasing each other, forever to catch up with the other... And it seems so it has with Bla’Gar’s beloved pet.


Okay. So, after reading Neon White season one, drinking a bottle of wine, showering, sleeping, having coffee, and then another bottle of wine I’m ready to write my review.

If you’ve read Wulf’s work before you are well aware of the darkness that seeps from his fingertips and onto the pages he writes.  There are no unicorns and glitter in his stories. Unless the unicorns are satanic and impaling innocent beings and the glitter is blood.

Neon White is dark. It is not at all for the squeamish. There’s very little kindness to this story. This is a story about sacrifice. About giving up your humanity, about being forced into obsidian and never coming out of it. When I finished this season I felt haunted. It was like an inky blackness creeping through my thoughts.
Neon White is told through a few points of view. Raven White (an Enforcer) Bla’Gar Chetler (self-proclaimed dysfunctional demon) Niko ( Lycan and mate to Bruce) Seth (Alpha) Jessy (Raven’s partner and a fabulously written character. Strong and amazing) I think that’s all the POV’s…. One other at the end. I won’t say who.

Now you might think that’s confusing, but you’d be wrong. It is all important. SO MUCH happens in this season. There’s a lot of story to tell. A lot of characters. You HAVE to pay attention. Seriously. If you find yourself confused, you’ve missed a step. Rinse and repeat! 

I’m not sure I’d say it is a happily ever after but then again Wulf doesn’t deal in the HEA.
I was blown away by the writing and creativity. The way Wulf describes places, things, emotions, moments. It’s astounding. His word choices for certain scenes made me fist pump because I would have never thought to describe it like that. Spectacular!

There’s serious torture in this book. Like WHOA! So be aware. It all is for reasons I can’t really explain without giving it away. There’s no moral to this story. There’s no sigh of relief. There’s a major appreciation that you will take away from it. 

This is a wonderful WONDERFUL book. Well done, Wulf!

It includes a copy of Neon White Season one AND Wulf's Of Gods and Monsters story HADES.

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  1. I think I would risk almost anything for my family, or even for my close friends, but I do not think I would risk that much for a lover... I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to love...

  2. i would risk my life for my family in a heartbeat!!!

  3. I would risk anything and everything for the one I love!