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Book of the Week: An Erie Garden Party by V.L. Locey #Review

Author: V.L. Locey
Book: An Erie Garden Party (Lake Erie book 3)
Publication Date: April 13, 2016
Publisher: Torquere Press
Length: 91 pages

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Spring has finally arrived along the shores of Lake Erie and no one is happier than the skunk shifter, Templeton Reed. Now that the snows have melted, he can frolic and play on the grounds of Lupei Manor, the formidable home that he shares with his life partner, Mikel Lupei, the alpha of the Lake Erie werewolf pack. What a pity that his joy is short lived.

Not only does a stranger appear to shake things up in the manor, bodies begin showing up on the grounds as well! Could the newcomer to the pack be the one viciously killing innocent humans and shifters? Or is there a more nefarious force at work lurking just outside the boundaries of the ancient manse that Templeton, Mikel, and their LGBT friends call home?

 So, this is book 3 in this series. I did not know this when it was given to me to review. I don’t think I was confused though I do think reading 1 and 2 would have made a few things a little clearer. I’m not sure.

This book focuses on a Mikel (a wolf shifter) and Templeton (a skunk shifter) Yep skunk. I have to say I was shocked. LOL. Never have I ever read a skunk shifter story. I was skeptical. Well Templeton is absolutely fabulous! He’s hilarious and adorable and I loved him to pieces.

What I REALLY was impressed with was VL Locey’s research. Skunks have vision problems. They are nearsighted and she didn’t ignore that fact. She even transferred it over to when he was human. That made me so happy! Too often when we read shifter stories they are unblemished. Have no issues. It’s nice to see how Templeton was written and I liked that VL Locey added this.

I will be going back to read book 1 and 2 as I did find this installment to be wildly entertaining!

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