Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday Author Spotlight: W. Garza #Interview #Giveaway

Willy Garza is just starting to get his feet wet in publishing and is off to an awesome start. If you've had the opportunity to talk with him you can see he's very kind, open, and easy to talk to. For a lot of you, you may not know his work and hopefully we'll fix that. So let's get to know the man behind the books.

Peter Longview went to jail for a crime he didnt commit.
Now, 4 Years later he is back home. But the question still remains, can he reclaim his long lost love? This story is showing his way to happiness with lots of twists and turns. It has a cliffhanger and will leave you wanting more! This book is part 1 of 3. And I really hope you enjoy it!

Love on the Run - Passions Unearthed is part of the LGBT romance drama series Love on the Run.
This is book 2 of 3 and has even more drama and thrill in it than the 1st book.
Can Peter survive the secrets? Can he reclaim his long lost love? Will he find his happiness?
It has a cliffhanger too and it will leave you breathlessly waiting for book 3 in January 2016!

After the first adventures, Max and his friends will get no rest. More action, more fun and WHO will be Max Girlfriend in the end? Will Kinnie also meet someone special?

Read part 2 in this ongoing series to find out!


Thank you, Willy, for being here today to answer some questions. Like many, I am just beginning to get acquainted with your work. I have always said an author sells themselves with their books because a part of themselves goes into it. I’m hoping we can get to know you a little better today. Let’s being.

Thank you for having me Meredith King , its such an honor !

You seem like a very diverse writer. Tell us what topics and genres your writing takes you to?

I currently have two Lgbt Romance Books available on Amazon.They both ranked #2 spot in
 Lgbt Romance. I also have a Young Readers Book Ages 8 and up.I enjoy diving into various genres from M/M ,Lesbian
Vampires ,Paranormal , Drama ,Thrillers , Contemporary Romance

What have you discovered about yourself when it comes to your work?

I am very devoted in my craft as much as I am devoted to everything else in my life :)

Do you have limits to your writing? What’s too taboo for you?

I wish I could say there's a limit
* laughs *
I enjoy breaking the barrier as a writer

What were some of your favorite books from childhood?

I am such a Dr.Seuss fan
Its such joy watching my daughter read
" Green Eggs and Ham " !
That's just my top favorite book

If you could pick only one of your books to become a major motion picture, which would you choose and why?

There's a new release headed your way titled " Murder By Design "
Its very fast paced with romance , betrayal , secrets and murder Perfect recipe to have in a motion

 picture !

Where would you love to travel to if you could go anywhere in the world?

I want to travel to Universal Studios

Do you have an authors who have inspired you?

I have three authors who inspire me
1) Agatha Christi
2) Stephen King
3) P.C. Cast

Can you tell us what you are currently working on?

This Fall .I am so excited to release my Gothic Vampire side as a writer
So stay tuned !

How can your readers follow you through social media: Facebook, Twitter, Website?

  Willy Garza on Facebook
Twitter : @SoapSudsFanClub
Instagram : OfficialPartyWill

Okay Fast Fire Questions time!
Favorite color?  Blue
Would you rather be hot or cold? Hot 
Pizza or tacosTacos 
Music or TV? TV
If you could have one super power what would it be? Telepathic
Batman or Superman? Superman
Coffee or tea? Iced Coffee

Okay, thank you so much for tolerating me, Willy. I wish you all the luck in the world with your writing.


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  1. Congratulations on your releases the series sounds very good and I wish you many sales!

  2. Congratulations on the release and looking forward to reading it!