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Prince & Princesses of Dark Erotica Giveaway! #Giveaway

Dark Erotica. What do you know about it? Maybe you know a lot and are a fan. Maybe you have always wondered and just never dared to venture into the darkness. Well, I think Dark Erotica is one of those genres that people mostly are afraid to try. Some are even afraid to admit it and that’s okay too. 

What I have for you today is a group of outstanding authors who write or have written Dark Erotica. They are going to lure you into the shadows and help you understand it, maybe love it, but definitely try it.

Each author had the choice of providing an excerpt, telling you about one of their books using one of their characters, or telling you why they chose to go dark. Under each name you will be treated to something special from the author. Links where you can check out their work, and what they are doing for the giveaway.

For the giveaway: Winners will be selected at random using rafflecopter. You’ll be notified at the end and have 48 hours to respond before I move on to the next winner.
If you already adore Dark Erotica this may be a wonderful opportunity for you to find new authors or win something you’ve wanted.

If it’s new to you this will be a wonderful adventure. Let us begin.

Kind Mind Games

There’s almost an unspoken line between mainstream erotic romance and darker erotic romance novels that run underground. You can see the subtlety at play. One will come with a safety barrier: the worst in life will either fade to black or be nothing but a prefix found in backstory. The other will take you there full-on, where the hardest mind-play games in dark psychological erotica will play the manipulation out to the full on page. It will also expose the hardcore kinks and lifestyles that sometimes are only tapped lightly on the shoulder in mainstream erotic romance. You’d think there’d be rivalry between authors on either side of the fence. I know I’ll gravitate towards other authors who look at dissecting the worst, or the kinkiest side to life. Yet there’s that understanding: readers are complex and damn smart. Most times they have both a dark and light pull toward fiction. So why read what I do? Writing dark psychological thrillers with M/M BDSM elements, I look at the hardcore side to life, but there’s a harder draw with what drives a person to step naked into those darker needs. Kink and mind games all go hand in hand here.


Jack blames her dark writing influences on living close to one of England’s finest forests. Having grown up hearing a history of kidnappings, murders, strange sightings, and sexual exploits her neck of the woods is renowned for, Jack takes that into her writing, having also learned that human coping strategies for intense situations can sometimes make the best of people have disastrously bad moments. Redeeming those flaws is Jack’s drive, and if that drive just happens to lead to sexual tension between two or more guys in a D/s relationship, Jack’s the first to let nature take its course.


Giveaway: Don’t Series (4 books: Don’t, Antidote, Breakdown, & Backlash)

Byron Danielsen from Better the Devil You Know

Hello all. My name is Byron Danielsen. Earlier this week, Mr. Deckard asked me to step in for him to tell readers why they should read the book he wrote about me. However, I'm not convinced the average reader should delve into this opus of consummate depravity. Don't get me wrong—I am deeply proud of my body of work, and I do feel that Mr. Deckard has done it justice (at least the very small portion of my work he's covered in Better the Devil You Know). I'm simply unsure whether the vividly graphic scenes are, shall we say, to everyone's tastes. Also, and I say this with greatest respect for the author, I feel at times he may have painted me in a rather unflattering light. It almost seems that his intent was to sicken rather than to titillate, but I can't be certain. He remains frustratingly close-lipped on the subject. I will say this: I got exactly what I deserved.
Now, shamefully, the book has been banned in a number of places which can make it difficult to obtain. But Mr. Deckard has asked me to disseminate the appropriate information. The one caveat that he insists on, and I'm forced to agree with, is that readers take advantage of the free sample. It's only fair... torture is not everyone's passion, after all.

The sample, the buy links, the soundtrack... everything is available at the following link:
Good day and thank you all,

Byron Danielsen

Giveaway: Signed paperback copy of Better the Devil You Know


Of Gods And Monsters: Hades

Hades roared a violent sound as he grasped the duvet and jerked it off. The sight stopped him dead in his tracks. An elfin hellfire rolled onto its stomach, hugging a teddy bear. Skin stretching over beautifully chiseled back muscles, the little knobs of his spine showed prominently, needing the attention of Hades’ lips. His gaze drifted lower, his mouth dry as his glower came to his motherfuckin’ death—dimples of Venus—followed by his second death, a fuzzy, tight, soft cream of heaven he wanted to sink into.
The kid moved sleepily, turned and sat up, dark vermilion hair looking all anarchic and cute on his head. Then the small fuck had to palm his little boner between his legs with one hand while wiping his eyes with the other.
The hellfire looked up, throat working overtime as his perturbed gaze swept over Hades. The petardito gasped and bolted off the bed, cock bobbing between his legs while his small muscled body flexed as he scurried to get away from Hades.
Hades grunted as he rounded the bed, grasping the shit on the forearm, pulling the boy right against him. The small frame shivered as the niƱo brushed against his skin.
Bad idea. Bad motherfuckin’ idea.
You didn’t let a sex-deprived animal loose to find a pretty little thing, all cute and shit, curled up in his bed, then yank the goddamn kid against your naked body.
That soft touch of flesh ghosting flesh, ripped a shudder down Hades’ muscles, and was asking for motherfuckin’ rape, right the fuck there.
It had been too long since he had such a gentle touch of soft against his skin, fuck any intimacy for that matter. And that desire clawed in Hades’ heart.
His dick went fuckin’ crazy happy, all rugged hard, pulsing with hunger and evilly spewing pre-cum against the kid’s warm, tight belly. And it didn’t motherfuckin’ help the little spitfire’s case with the boy’s cock pressing against Hades’ leg. Not one fuckin’ bit.
Jesus, he clenched his teeth, he needed to stay fuckin’ angry or shit was gonna happen big time. There were two things Hades had vowed to himself he would never to do, no matter what the situation called for. He didn’t mind killing fuckers; ripping them apart or torturing them and scraping their innards out. Hell, he had drenched a man with acid, watched the fucker melt alive, and laughed as the dick screamed.
He would never, fuck never, lay a finger on an innocent child. He couldn’t, wouldn’t do that shit. He’d rather stab needles into his balls than hurt a juvenile.
But rape, with his current state of sexual famine, he was fuckin’ dangerously close to breaking that rule.
He pushed the kid against the wall, grunting as his chest heaved, cock still spewing and dripping juice, damn aching now too. He pinned the hellfire with a hand over his breast—another stupid fucked-up idea—the flesh radiating under his palm, and so goddamn soft, but solid, the kid’s heart pulsing under Hades’ hand when his finger brushed over the boy’s taut nipple.


Giveaway: ebook copy of Of Gods and Monsters books 1 and 2 (Menoetius and Hades)

You say this is a harsh world, a cruel world; you say this is hell.

This is nothing more than what you deserve.

For centuries, for millennia, we abided by your rules. We created gods for you to worship to explain away what you could not comprehend. When you began to suspect, we convinced you that we were myths, legends, and superstitions. We captured your imaginations with beautiful nightmares; enraptured, you begged for more.

And all the while, we hid in the shadows, cringing away from the light as though we held no power even as we shaped your world. We allowed you to live untouched because the loudest amongst us were cowards and fools who believed you were so much more than what you are.

Weak. Ignorant. Oblivious.


Already, you have lost your will to fight. Your comrades have fallen. Fewer and fewer dare to act against us, for you know you cannot win. The eternal truth is that history is written by the victors. In time, your kind will forget that you were ever anything more than beasts of burden, toys, breeding stock, food sources. You are what we wish you to be.

You question the status quo, the rules of our society. You will learn that there truly are fates worse than death, and you will experience them for as long as it amuses us.

You will know fear and pain, loss and devastation. Your eyes, so defiant now, will fill with tears and despair. You will beg for mercy, and your pleas will fall on ears that crave your agony. Your screams will echo throughout Tartarus and entertain the masses.

And we will revel in it.


Giveaway: ebook copy of Owned

“Hey, there are more spanking things in here than before.” Shane plopped himself on the padded spanking bench.
“I’m going to use every single implement on you.”
Shane scanned all the objects hanging on the walls. “Today, Sir?”
“I was worried for a minute.” Shane tried to come off tough, but his protective shell was thinning by the minute.
 “Before we begin, tell me your safeword,” Julien set the mysterious case on a table near the sink area.
“You already know my safeword. Do I have to tell you every time we play?” Shane rocked his legs back and forth like he was on a swing as he spoke.
“Recite house rule number six.” Julien inched closer to Shane.
“Obey me the first time, every time.”
“And?” Julien folded his arms across his chest.
 “Red is my safeword.”
“When I ask you what color you are; what do you say?” His teeth appeared very white against his dark skin. 
“Red to stop, yellow to pause or talk, and green if I want to continue.”
“Excellent. Remember, you can call out any color to me at any time. Don’t wait for me to ask.” Julien unbuckled his wide belt, pulling it through his jean’s loops.
As Shane eyed Julien’s black leather belt in his hand his cock increased in length. Julien had promised him one swat with the belt before they played, and from the way he was gripping it in his hand, he hadn’t forgotten. One fact about Julien was certain; when he told Shane he was going to do something, he always made good on his promise. There were no surprises when it came to discipline, since Julien always gave a warning as to what was going to happen. He pretty much had everything spelled out in their contract. The hardest part of the contract wasn’t remembering what was in it, but obeying the tenets he had agreed upon at the contract signing.
 “Strip down.”
Shane jumped off the spanking bench, removed his boots, tossed his T-shirt to the floor, and slithered out of his jeans and jock strap.
“Fold your clothes and put them on the chair,” Julien ordered.
“Yes, Sir.” Shane quickly picked up his personal things and carried them to the chair.
“Put your boots back on.”
“Damn,” Shane mumbled under his breath.
“I wouldn’t use words like that when I’m giving orders with a belt in my hand, boy.” Julien snapped his folded belt on his palm.
“Sorry, Sir.” Shane marched back to the chair and slipped on his boots, then laced them. He hears everything.
“I love my boy naked and wearing his boots.” Julien licked his bottom lip.
Julien fastened separate leather cuffs around each of Shane’s wrists and then a set around his boots. The cuffs had rings attached to them so that later they could be locked to hooks.
“Today I’m going to play with your dick’s slit. I have a set of sounds of different diameters.”

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Character introduction to the New Haven series by Noel.

     Hi, I’m glad to meet you. I want to take some time to tell you all a little bit about the world I live in. Well, let’s just say it’s not a pretty one if you’re a human who’s an unregistered citizen, like I am. My name is Noel and I’m the leader of one of the toughest rebel cells in the colony. There are a few other cells out there just as resourceful as my own and we’re doing our part to bring down these supernatural motherfuckers who have taken over not just this country, but the entire world. On every continent, vampires, werewolves and dragon rule over humans. You may be wondering just how in the hell did that happen?
     Well, I was just a teen when the supes came out of the closet, so to speak, ten years ago. They hit us fast and hard and we, as humans, were not prepared. We lost and those who survived and wanted to still live the good life, sided with the supes. Fucking turncoats. Of course, me being a rebel, I still see hope that humans can rise up again and take back what is ours. So I fight and I’ll fight to the death if need be.
     Right now, I’ve got a great plan ready to put into action that’s going to hurt those bloodsucking sons of bitches in every way. I’m going to take out one of their prime financial food sources. The plan is perfect and everyone knows their jobs. Soon, people won’t be livestock or fuck toys for these monsters. Soon, they’ll be in our zoos and labs begging for mercy. But they won’t get it. Okay, I’ve got to go. Wish me and my team luck, please. William, Jonah, Mark, Kelly, John, Dale, Connor and Kristen and I need all they luck we can get. 


Giveaway: One CID Audiobook or ebook to one winner

I write Dark Erotica because that’s what comes naturally to me. Here’s an excerpt from my novella, Drago Star.
“You’re an alien?”
“Wrong! I’m a dragon, and you’re the alien on my planet!”
Drago took a step closer, and when Gideon flinched, Drago grinned and slid his hand down his inked abdomen, grasping his large sheathed cock. Gideon stared, his insides tying into knots as Drago stroked his erect member, sliding the scaly sheath down, exposing the glistening head within.
“I’m going to fuck you now, and you’re going to beg me to do it,” Drago said.
Feeling as if he’d been jabbed in the gut, Gideon shifted his attention to the right and left, looking for an avenue of escape.
A smile appeared on Drago’s lips as he produced the small remote the woman had been holding earlier and pushed the button.
Gideon immediately felt a jolt in his ass, followed by the sensation of something warm filling his rectum. His stomach flipped as he realized what was happening. Drago had activated the syringe, and the Persuasion drug was being injected into his anal cavity.
“No!” Gideon cried, but the drug was already taking effect and an intense desire for penetration shuddered through him. Gideon trembled against the wall, trying to fight his need to be fucked. Then Drago grew a head taller before his eyes, his face turning into the head of a dragon and smoke puffed out of his nostrils. Gideon shook his head, his heart racing. This wasn’t going to happen. This couldn’t happen. The dragon’s tail swished across the floor, and black slits appeared in the middle of large yellow eyes. The creature dropped on all fours and lunged at him.

About the Author: 

J. Johanis writes m/m dark erotica and enjoys creating worlds that are myth-based or futuristic. 

Giveaway: ebook copy of Drago Star and Slash Op to one winner

Excerpt from Bad Things

All Carson’s whining and cajoling was getting on Xavier's nerves. He lifted the lid on the chest of dark brown leather and took out the ball gag. Too funny, that perplexed expression on Carson’s face when Xavier dangled the object in front of him, then his horrified incredulity as he figured it out. Xavier got it on him before he could complain much more. With years of practice gagging plenty of willing partners (and one unwilling victim), it wasn’t even a challenge, despite Carson’s desperate wriggling attempts to evade the gag.
Sitting on his thighs, gazing into those shimmering pools of terror, Xavier grinned. “That gag in your mouth isn’t the only toy in my box of treasures on that shelf behind you.”
Jesus, his face. Xavier had only seen terror like that once before. At least, only once in real life. Up close. Close enough to touch. Close enough to kiss.
“It is one of my favorites, though, because it means I don’t have to listen to a bunch of whining and begging. I mean, I love whining and begging. I get hard for whining and begging, but only for the first few minutes. Then it gets incredibly fucking tedious.
“But the thing I really love about the gag is, it’s so much easier to get to know someone when they’re being quiet. Just watching their face, looking into their eyes. Without a bunch of blah, blah, lies, blah, blah rationalization to muddy the truth.”
When he started undoing Carson’s belt, there were a few muffled complaints, even a couple tears, but then Carson stopped protesting. Stopped struggling. That happened, sometimes. One of the strange, beautiful effects of the gag: when a man can’t move, and you take his voice away, he stops being an actor, an agent who does things to control his environment and his fate. He becomes passive.
He got Carson’s fly open, slipped his fingertips inside the waistband of his briefs, and slid his pants and underwear a little way down his hips, savoring a moment of anticipation. Carson utterly paralyzed, then suddenly panting, his belly rising and dipping with each panicked breath. That trail of dark hair disappearing under his pants, leading, teasing.
A couple more inches down. Trimmed, dark thatch. First glimpse of pale root.
A final, halfhearted, pointless turning of Carson’s head. A silent plea.
He slid Carson’s pants and shorts down off his hips. Fuck, it was overwhelming. Nestled there in the shallow valley between his thighs, like it was huddling against him, warm and safe. Delicate. Rosy. Cut. Pretty, just like the rest of him. Tempting to take it in his hand, to hold the limp weight of it in his palm.
Carson, red face turned away.
Backing down his legs, then, tugging everything down as he went, Xavier tossed Carson’s things to the side. Stood up. Took a good look.
“Fuck. You have a really fucking nice body, Carson. I mean, obviously I knew you had a good build. But it’s hard to tell, sometimes, if a guy just has a decent frame and is slim. But you’ve put a lot of work in, haven’t you? I bet you’re a yoga guy. Am I right?”
He got the camera, turned it back on and took a few shots. Then came close and squatted down so their faces were just a few inches apart.
“I don’t usually come out say things like this. I like to keep a guy guessing. Keep the mystery, the suspense, you know? But I’m just going to tell you, your body is my wet dream made to order. Tall. Lean. Just the right muscle definition. I like being bigger than the guy I’m with, but I don’t really go for those skinny, barely legal guys. You’re just right.” He leaned in closer, whispered in Carson’s ear, “And your cock is perfect, too. Good length. Nice thickness.”
After being quiet for so long, now Carson whimpered from behind the gag.
Xavier took a close-up shot of his face. Eyelashes wet and clumped together. Lips distended around the gag, bottom lip and chin wet with drool. Then a few dick pics. Then he put the camera back on the shelf, and turned around to have a good look at Carson. He could see what he was thinking as clearly as if the guy were showing him a photograph of it.
He thought he was about to be raped.
That look exacerbated the pulsing heat thrumming through Xavier’s balls and his cock, engorged and ready from the fun of stripping and photographing and taunting him. Squirming just above all that heavy, hardening heat, though, was that sickening cold twisting through his guts.
But it fucking served Carson right. Fuck his petty deceptions. Who gave a shit about his stupid stories, his faked friendliness, about him fucking with his computer? Carson had earned the worst Xavier could dish out, the second he’d gotten in bed with Brian and those other child-raping pieces of shit. 


Giveaway: Ebook copy of Bad Things

Martin Quillon from Quillon's Covert 

Hi. I'm Martin Quillon and I guess I'm supposed to talk about Quillon's Covert. Though, to be honest, I'm not really sure what to say.

*Martin nervously scratches his chin*

I guess in the m/m reading world our story would be considered GFY / Taboo. It's about how...

*he scratches chin again and adjusts the baseball cap on his head*'s about me and my son, Marty, and how our close relationship went from... we became...close. Very close.

*he glances at Marty*

Why do I gotta be the one to talk? You're the gay one...wouldn't you be better at this, or something?

*Marty smiles at his dad and offers a small wink*

Anyway. It's about me and Marty...and I suppose I should... well let me say that he's the horndog who seduced me, not the other way around.

*Martin sighs*

Okay, go read.

*Martin's unsure glance lands on Marty again*

Was that okay, Buddy?

*Marty shakes his head in bemusement and chuckles*

Well, it was certainly you, D. 


Co written by Louis Stevens

Giveaway: Signed paperback copy of Quillon’s Covert from Joseph Lance Tonlet


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