Sunday, September 28, 2014

Release Day for CONSENT by, AJ Rose *GIVEAWAY*

Cole, what’s wrong?

Former detective Gavin DeGrassi likes his new life and his job as a university professor, molding the minds of the next generation of law enforcement. It keeps him in the field he loves, but out of the media and out of the danger he seems to draw. He’s settled and happy with his partner and Dom, Ben Haverson.

It’s Myah.

Until a middle of the night phone call from his brother, Cole, whose desperation and fear yank him back into the world of criminals and countdowns. Only this time, the stakes are much higher.

She’s missing.

Detective Myah Hayes, Gavin’s sister-in-law and former partner, has a past of her own, one that has returned to claim her. With only their instincts and the help of a rogue CSI, Gavin, Ben, and Cole will do whatever it takes to find Myah, following a flimsy trail of evidence to Chicago, where all is not what it seems—dirty cops, moral pimps, and a nest of snakes who call themselves businessmen.

They’re on a collision course with the worst of humanity, and more than Myah’s life is caught in the vortex. Can they find her, and if they do, will there be anything left to save?

It started with Power Exchange, then came Safeword (thought to be the end of the series) but no. Through AJ Rose's brilliant mind came Consent. The epic conclusion to one of, if not the most, powerful and thrilling series ever!

Consent takes you on a dark path where the disappearance of Cole's wife, and Gavin's ex-partner thrusts them into a world where nightmares are born, dwell and fester.

AJ Rose writes about a world that is a reality. How love is so strong and yes, evil does win sometimes. But strength of humanity's finest can break through the darkness, grab it by it's throat and wish it never was.

Ben Haverson will go down in history as my favorite male character ever written. In Consent,we see him use WHO HE IS in a fashion we have never seen him do before. It shows us the power he contains and the breathtaking valor he possess. I was gasping!!!

Myah is my hero! Never has a heroin been written is such a way that I have wanted to be a better person because of them. Not until now that is.

We encounter the darkest demons and the brightest saviors in this book. Every emotion you have will be tested throughout this story.

We don't live in a world of fairy tales, not everything is Happily Ever After but AJ Rose is so beyond talented that she has yet again shown me that in the most horrific circumstances, if there is even an ounce of hope, or good to be taken from it, it will be grasped!

OUTSTANDING! Standing ovation!!!

* 10% of the first two months' royalties for Consent will be donated to Lost n Found Youth in Atlanta for the work they do to keep LGBT kids off the streets.
One lucky reader will have the chance to win an ebook copy of Consent! Enter below!

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  1. Hi, I have not had a chance to collect this series yet it is on my wish list so hopefully I might be lucky and then if I win this I will have to go and the get the other two before I can read it, good excuse you see :) I love the video it kept me entrapped until the end... Thank you for a chance to win this book :D

  2. I have both Power Exchange, and Safeword, and I've been patiently (mostly) waiting for Consent to be released. I'd love to win this fantastic end to an absolutely powerful series. Please count me in, and thank you for the giveaway. =}

  3. I love the fact that AJ is giving part of her royalties to the Lost N Found Youth. I already bought my copy and can't wait to start reading it.

  4. I just started Power Exchange this morning :)

  5. I have the first two, and now the third, on my wishlist and TBR. I have been looking for a good excuse to start the swries, this may be the reason. :-)

  6. I loved the first two books in this series... Looking forward to reading the third one.
    My favourite has got to be book 2.

  7. Looking forward to reading this!

  8. Yay, I am so excited and can't wait to read Consent!

  9. I have the first two and can't wait to read this one. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Was excited to hear about the 3rd book and would love to add it to my library

  11. I'm late to this series but I've heard some amazing things about it. Have it on my wish list and would love a chance at winning Consent.