Thursday, September 18, 2014

Give a Little, Thank A Lot: Help Spread Kindness

I am putting something together for the month of November called Give a Little, Thank A Lot.
What is it? I’m reaching out to authors, artists, bloggers, photographers, designers, poets. Whatever your poison. I want you to give a little in the hopes that it will be thanked a lot.

Here’s how it works. The author/ artist/ giver. Will choose a charity. I ask you write something small explaining what the charity is, why it’s your favorite and how people can contribute to it. In return YOU give something away. It can be a free ebook, a painting, a photograph. Maybe a poem or a gift card.
We can’t make people give, but if you explain why and someone takes a moment to read it, to look at the site and organization and give even a dollar, or volunteers. Isn’t it worth saying, “Thanks for listening.”
I’m looking for givers. Again, it can be anyone willing to give something in hopes those reading your charity of choice will give back.
Anyone interested in being part of this PLEASE contact me by October 15th. Where can you find me?
On Facebook: Diversereader
Email: Diversereader (at) Yahoo (dot) com
Or leave a comment below where I can get in touch with you and I’ll gladly talk it over with you!
Thank you all in advance :)


  1. I'm in. You can contact me at annabutlerfiction @ gmail dot com. Cheers

  2. I'm in! Wonderful idea!