Sunday, January 19, 2014

When It's Out Of Your Mouth, It's Out In The World

The last 48 hours have been interesting to say the least. Madonna used the "N" word and called her son Dirty Soap, and Juan Pablo Galavis called Gay people, perverts.

Yeah, okay, that's the sum of it. Madonna, posted a picture of her "white" son boxing and said, "No one messes with dirty soap, mama said knock you out." And closed it off by using the "N" word. Juan Pablo Galavis basically said he doesn't think "They" should have a show promoting a love connection solely for bi-sexual, gay, or lesbian people. Said, it's a bad message for children, called gay people, perverts. I am sure you've all read it. If not, Google is your friend, embrace it.

OF COURSE, both celebrities (I use The Bachelor, Juan Pablo in that loosely) immediately retracted their statements. Juan basically blamed it on the fact, "English is not my first language." Really? No one proofread your words? Doubtful! Madonna said she's sorry she offended anyone, and removed the instagram photo. 

So, all is forgiven? We should just "PRETEND" we didn't hear it? Nope, doesn't work that way. Here IS how it works. THIS is the lesson I teach my kids... "When it's out of your mouth, it's out in the world." You and YOU alone are responsible for all you say and all you do. Your status in the world does not exempt you from responsibility.

Hate breeds hate. Plain and simple. You speak of what being a good role model is, maybe try acting like one. Here, in the real world if you insult a race, gender, orientation or lifestyle there are no PR teams writing up retractions. No bodyguards to protect you from the backlash. HERE? You face the repercussions of your stupidity.

In short, Shush your face. A LOT! Think then speak. Realize WORDS HAVE POWER!

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