Friday, January 10, 2014

Percy or Harry? Hmm... Kinda the same!

The other night I watched Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (No, never read the books) While I was watching it someone made a comment that had me thinking. They said, "I don't understand why Percy Jackson isn't as popular as Harry Potter. I mean the special effects are amazing, and the stories are great."

So, like most of the world I have seen every Harry Potter movie. (No I have not read those books either... hush) I am making this post based solely on the movies!

Here I was, thinking, and as I was deep in thought it hit me. "Wow, they are SO similar."
*Warning* I might have spoilers in here... sorry

Percy Jackson: is the son of Posidon (the only known child of one of the big 3)
Harry Potter: Son of very powerful parents, and one of a kind seeing as he's a horcrux and all.

**So both are a big freaking deal, one of a kind yadda yadda**

Percy Jackson: Goes to Camp Half Blood. Where all the Demi Gods are going these days. It's safe there.
Harry Potter: Goes to Hogwarts. Where all the cool witches and wizards are at.

**So both have kick ass places to learn their magical thingymabobbers**

Percy Jackson: Has 2 besties 1 boy (Grover) 1 girl (Annabeth)
Harry Potter: Has 2 besties 1 boy (Ron) 1 girl (Hermione)

**Self explainitory**

Percy Jackson : The bully boy with daddy issues, Luke
Harry Potter: The bully boy with daddy issues, Draco

**Mmmhmm, I'm seeing a pattern**

Percy Jackson: Mentor is Chiron... Old guy who knows a lot of stuff.
Harry Potter: Mentor is Dumbledor ... Old guy who knows a lot of stuff.

**Yeah, this is creepy**

Yes there are differences, many, but the similarities are freaky. So why is Harry Potter bigger then Percy Jackson? I hope that all the Percy Jackson books are made into movies and they are well received. Only 2 movies have been made of The Percy Jackson Series, and ALL of the HP books are made in to movies already.

I can argue PR, all that crap. But for real, it's a mystery. One of the many things that go through my head.

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