Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pasta, with a side of judgement please.

I sat in a diner this afternoon with my daughter. As we sat in our usual booth and goofed around waiting for our lunch, a man walked in and sat in the booth behind us. He was easily in his late 60's early 70's. He had a tattered blue baseball cap on, a navy fleece, and gray well worn pants. (I notice these things, yes) His phone kept going off to the tune of the General Lee's horn. Of course my daughter thought it was funny, and it took the man a few, but he got it to stop.

One of the waitresses went over to him and he proceeded to ask her questions. "How much is a side of pasta? And "Are the salad dressings the same prices?" In a very acerbic tone she gave him the answers he needed, and he responded with a smile and a thank you.

My waitress (Who is just awesome) brings us our food and we eat. The man's waitress brings him his salad and he then asks for an orange juice and a grapefruit juice. She was quite rude and said "You want both?" Again he smiled and said, "Yes, please." He got his drink and when he asked for an empty glass, he cut her off before she asked what for by saying. "I like to mix the two, that's why. thank you."

I asked my waitress why the other was being so rude, and my waitress didn't know but said she would keep an eye out.

After the man ate a plate of pasta and his waitress came over to see how he was, he asked for a second plate. Her response? "Are you sure? Because it's costly." This time the man's smile fell and he just said, "Yes I would like another, thank you."

As I was zipping my daughters coat to leave I looked over to the man who was leaving a tip on the table, and said, "You are a better person then me. I wouldn't tolerate anyone disrespecting me the way you have been today."

He smiled and I doubt I'll ever forget the words he said. "I'm judged by how I look, and dress. I asked about the prices because I'm thrifty, not because I'm poor. If she is having a bad day, I rather her be rude to me then cruel to another. I will take this burden for her."

Astonishing! It literally brought tears to my eyes. We, as a society judge. She saw a man who she assumed was poor, and would leave a bad tip or possibly dine and dash. For all she knows he's a wealthy businessman just watching his wallet. How sad it is we judge so easily?

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