Monday, January 13, 2014

The Act of Privacy

Privacy seems to be a gray area for a lot of people. Part of me can understand why. I log into Facebook and Twitter every day, and am assaulted with the "Drama Post" or the "Tantrum Tweet" The one that screams "PLEASE ASK ME ABOUT THIS STATUS" Because of that, Privacy has become one of those words that nobody understands anymore.

My issue, however, isn't with those mysterious posts. My issue is when people invade where they aren't welcome. Example? SURE! Actors, Authors, Models, basically anyone who is exposed in Social Media. Angelina Jolie becomes pregnant, she needs to contact her PR team and they need to draft up a story for the public. Why? Because if she doesn't and she's seen walking down Rodeo Drive with a baby bump all of a sudden she's a slut and having an affair. It's a price you pay for your status, I get it.
Now, why is it, when celebrities or other known figures share a part of themselves with us we need to poke just a little more? Why do we need to know the nitty gritty? I think we should just be happy that we were given a part of that private life.
I see it A LOT with authors. Mostly because that is where I hang out. When someone releases a new book, it's like Christmas. You are already getting so much of their soul because a writer puts a piece of themselves in every book they write. But, people push and want to know about their love lives, and if that HOT SCENE actually happened in their life. I see it all the time and it disgusts me. I have a saying in my house... "You get what you get and you don't get upset."

You have to see it like this. "If they want you to know, you will." Don't pry! Personal space people!
It's common courtesy, it's being a human being.

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