Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SMILE... It's Catching

A smile is catching, laughter is contagious. We all have bad days, some are so bad we think we will never be happy again. I've been there, along with 99% of the world. The other 1%, well, they are drug induced I'm sure. My hope with this post is by the time you reach the bottom, no matter how small, or pathetic you will be wearing a smile. So if this wacky ostrich didn't make you smile perhaps these will...

Puppies! I don't know many people - animal lover or not-  can resist a puppy! They are adorable! Cute! HAPPY!

Not a dog person? Well, okay. How about this cat that is literally scared to get out of the bag? I couldn't help but chuckle! It's freaking cute.

This one did it for me. He so damn thrilled to be chillin on a rock in the middle of nowhere, just being awesome!
Maybe you're upset because your favorite pants didn't fit this morning, but they did a week ago? For that I suggest going into your closet and doing this to all your hangers!
If you're walking down the street and you are happy but the person walking by you is frowning... Brighten that smile! Make their day better, if only for a minute.
Say what you want about Liz, even toward the end she looked great! Seriously, I always feel a little better when I clean up. Wine is always a plus, but really, lipstick, a nice outfit... It helps get you out of a funk.
If you're surrounded by people (Or just one) that makes you feel like all you have to offer isn't enough. Remember there is some one or a bunch of someone's who think you are enough, even better then enough!
If none of this has made you feel better, or hasn't even made you smile a little, then I dare you not to smile at this. It's far too adorable for words.

So go out there with your great or not so great smile and take today by the balls and BE as amazing as you are!


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