Monday, February 17, 2020

Random Review: Rescuing Kyle by Lynn Michaels #Review #Giveaway

Title: Rescuing Kyle
Author: Lynn Michaels 
Self Published
Publication Date: January 14, 2020
Length: 212 pages 

Reviewed by Jenn


Kyle Blyss lives to tear up the track on his motorcycle, and touring across Europe is unbelievable. Meeting up with his cousin, an Army Ranger, who he looks a lot like, only adds to his adventure. When he meets his cousin’s friends, Kyle is excited by the lust that pulses between him and the sexy CIA agent, and he’s eager to explore the connection.

Steve Dixon always wanted to be a superspy, so he joined the CIA. His current assignment is a counterterrorist joint task force, headquartered in Germany. When he meets his co-worker’s motorcycle riding cousin, he’s overwhelmed at their mutual attraction.

Then everything goes south.

A mistaken identity, the Delta Team rescue, and a bag of gummies lead Kyle and Steve to re-examine their careers, their love...and their lives.


When Rescuing Kyle by Lynn Michaels became available for review, I didn’t hesitate to take it. I’ve been a fan of her Motocross books for the last couple of years. This one goes in a very different direction and isn’t about the world of motocross as much as the others. That worked really well here as the author introduces a CIA agent, a case of mistaken identity, and some intrigue.

Kyle is in Germany racing and gets together with his lookalike Army Ranger cousin and his team. When Kyle meets Steve, a CIA Agent working with Warren…sparks fly. The two fall pretty hard and pretty fast for each other and realize that one night isn’t enough. Steve has always felt his job made being in a relationship impossible but seems willing to try with Kyle. They continue after that first night with phone calls and texts and plans to meet up as soon as they’re in the same city again. As the guys spend more time together, they’re unaware that Kyle is about to need rescuing.

I often struggle with insta-lust/love stories because I enjoy watching that connection grow between the two main characters. This is definitely a jump right into romance, but I do feel that the circumstances play a part in that too. The immediate attraction between Steve and Kyle is  strong, their chemistry in bed is very real, and throw in some danger, and it all fits. There are a lot of moving parts in this book, we meet a lot of people and they all can get a bit mixed up at times…there were times where nicknames played a part in that confusion. All in all, this was a fun read, the chemistry was hot, the relationship between the MC’s and Warren, Kyle’s cousin was fun. I loved the teasing and genuine affection between the cousins and watching Steve navigate his way between his friendship with Warren and his feelings for Kyle. This book has some action and intrigue, but nothing real heavy. It’s a fun, sexy read with some intrigue to keep you on your toes.


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