Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Release Day Review: The Moment by Pelaam #Review #Giveaway

Title: The Moment 
Series: A Little Bit Cupid 
Author: Pelaam
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication Date: February 11, 2020
Length: 65 pages 

Reviewed by Sammy


From the A Little Bit Cupid collection
When Jason takes the chance on a blind date, it’s then that his eyes are finally opened.
Wealthy winery owner Jason is happy to claim that he’s too busy to have a love life or a romance. He has all he needs with his personal secretary taking care of his business life and an old friend looking after the yacht where they live.
When he’s invited to a Valentine’s masked ball, Jason asks his assistant Kris to find him a date for the evening. To Jason’s shock, instead of someone Jason knows and is comfortable with, Kris sets him up with a blind date—one he claims will be a perfect match. Trusting him, Jason agrees.
His date appears dressed as Princess Buttercup, and Jason is surprised at just how comfortable he is with the unknown person.
But when Buttercup is abused by another party attendee, Jason follows his distraught guest and his eyes are fully opened.
When ‘the moment’ comes, will Jason grab it with both hands?

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Jason loves his life. With most of his time spent building his business in fine wines and often sailing aboard his private yacht, Jason doesn’t want for anything material in life but a boyfriend is another matter altogether. He tells his right hand man/secretary Kris that he’s just too busy to date but both men really know otherwise. Jason would like to have someone in his life but has fooled himself into believing otherwise. It’s not till Kris sets him up on a blind date that Jason finally sees what was right in front of his eyes all along—someone to love and cherish.

Pelaam offers up an insta-love romance in their contribution to the series, A Little Bit Cupid Collection. The Moment draws on that instant where a person just knows what they’ve been looking for in a partner is standing right before their eyes—now they have to be brave enough to grab for the love that’s being offered. Jason is a successful man—his wine business is booming and he sets his own corporate hours—often using his yacht to take him to meet new clients. His best friend Manu is skipper and first mate all rolled into one while his secretary Kris keeps him and his schedule running like a well-oiled machine.

Jason has everything but love and he figures who needs that when everything else is going so well? It will take a series of events to open his eyes. First he will see his secretary threatened by a violent stalker, then he will be forced to go on a blind date complete with costumes and masks in order to assuage an old friend and after he will finally see that what he’s been needing has always been there—just waiting for him to open his eyes and grab it.

As short stories go, The Moment was fairly complete and never felt as though we were just shoved down into the middle of a man’s life and expected to understand all the players and what was at stake. Instead we are given all we need to understand the different characters and I must say that other than the oddly swift and unfinished scene about Kris having a stalker this story delivered quite a nice little romance. I felt that plot point was just thrown in in order to jolt Jason into realizing how much he needed and enjoyed being with Kris in and out of the workplace. I just wish that we had some kind of closure beyond that short scene or seen more explanation than the little we were given. Kris, compared to Jason, was a more shallow character as a result of not delving into his background just a bit more. Still, The Moment delivered and gave us a short and sweet Valentine romance just as promised.


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