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Random Review: A Breath Apart by Christina Lee #Review #Giveaway

Title: A Breath Apart
Author: Christina Lee
Self Published
Publication Date: July 2, 2019
Length: 271 pages 

Reviewed by Racheal


The Fischers are the only family Brennan has ever known, and when they adopt him, he has no plans on doing anything to jeopardize that. Even if it means pretending Josh Daly doesn’t make his heart pound every time their eyes meet.

The tension eases once Josh heads off to a Christian University on a baseball scholarship. Brennan stays put in Elm Grove to work at his family’s drive-in movie theater and take classes at the local community college.

But when Josh comes home for summer break, the feeling not only returns, it transforms into a loud and commanding drumbeat he struggles to tune out.

Finally admitting who he is feels overwhelming. There’s a reason Brennan remains a virgin and when he realizes Josh might be one too, the chemistry between them becomes impossible to ignore. Except acting on his attraction throws everything Josh has been raised to believe out the window.

Plagued by fear and self-doubt, they finally surrender, placing their trust in each other and their undeniable connection. But facing the world together takes the sort of faith that will either strengthen their bond…or shatter its very foundation.


Christina Lee writes an empowering story about two teenagers living in a small rural town that having completely different family backgrounds but share one incredibly big secret. In her newest release A Breath Apart I was shown again, how some families still use religion to defend their bigotry. It both saddens me as well angers me that this is still tolerated in so many churches/religions. The fact that it is embedded into kids at such a young age; that instead of embracing who they really are, they lash out at others who dare to embrace their true selves.

Brennan’s life started out hard for him at an early age. Having his birth mother die of an overdose and being placed in foster care left him always wanting a family. Once he found the Fischer’s he finally found a family. One that he would do everything he could to keep even if that meant hiding his true self. Although, he never felt like he really fit in anywhere, he was content… that was until Josh came home from college and his life changed.

Josh was your typical high school jock. Very popular, into all the sports, hung out with the in crowd, but no one ever truly knew him… not even his family. Josh always knew he was different from his friends and he basically knew the reason, but it wasn’t until he went away to college that it was confirmed. To be honest, he kind of knew he was different that one summer he spent at camp with Brennan. Josh is now back and even though he is so conflicted with his religious background and his homophobia father, he is determined to see if what he feels for Brennan is real.

Their story was so beautiful when they first started to realize their feelings. It brought so many feelings of joy and tenderness reading about their first together with this somewhat coming of age story. As with most stories, you know there will be turbulence. It was devastating when the story took that turn, because I know for lots of teens there are no happy endings. Some won’t get their HEA which is why I love reading because I know that after all the hurt and hard truths that eventually their HEA will happen.


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