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Random Review: Unlocking The Doctor's Heart by Liam Livings #Review #Giveaway

Author: Liam Livings
Title: Unlocking The Doctor's Heart 
Publication Date: NineStar Press
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Publication Date: January 21, 2019
Length: 50,800 words

Reviewed by Truus


Headstrong nurse Davie Penrose has moved to London from a small village in Cornwall to start work in the children’s transplant ward. He left to progress his career, but also to escape the painful memories of his ex-boyfriend, a workaholic doctor.

Ambitious Doctor Leo Westbury is in charge of a ward for now, but he has plans to be a medical director soon. Making use of his charm and avoiding commitment due to a painful past, he enjoys temporary relationships with male student nurses.

Clashing over a request to look around the ward before he starts work, Davie thinks Leo pompous, while Leo finds Davie bossy. Becoming friends over a shared passion for helping children on their transplant wards, they get closer through the inevitable ups and downs of caring for sick children. Physical attraction pulls them together; their pasts push them apart.

Both damaged and hurt in different ways, they might just find their happy ever after together.

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I found this to be a lovely story, a bit of fluttering here and there, but overall a lovely story.

As self-righteous as Leo can be I found him endearing. Helping Davie with stuff... It was really funny to watch. Leo is ambitious and there is no place for a relationship, only short one nighters. Throughout the story we find out the real reason about that opinion.

Davie is the new staff nurse at Twinkle Ward. His first encounter with Dr. Leo Westbury isn’t the best one. Even though he is cute, but Davie has bad experiences with doctors and relationships, so, this is a no-go for him.

 What they do start is a lovely friendship... and after spending time with each other they almost start something more. 

With both men having bad experiences, they don’t want to get too close, but the hearts doesn’t work like that.

I had I bit of trouble with my concentration reading this story, I’m not sure why... maybe because of the fluttery way of the writing style.

It felt awkward at times... kissing and cuddling, apologizing and back to friends... It was as if they only had each other as friends and no one else was around. 

A big part of this story was about their work with the kids, parents, and organ transplants. Nice and informative when you love that work. For me, I would have loved to see more story about their feelings, relationship, and backgrounds. 

I loved this story, the timeline was well done, they led busy lives so weeks flew by, no hurry, and that felt quite realistic. Leo and Davie had both caring and sweet personalities.

Overall this was a lovely story with no over the top events or feelings. Normal and down to earth.


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