Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Random Review: Gage by J.M. Dabney #Review #Giveaway

Author: J.M. Dabney 
Title: Gage
Series: Trenton Security #3
Self Published
Publication Date: January 27, 2019
Length: 176 pages

Reviewed by Truus


The forbidden is the sweetest lure.

Trenton Security’s Public Relations go-to was Hayden Gage. He loved his job, and it kept him distracted from the demons haunting his nightmares. His past wasn’t up for discussion, and Hayden wouldn’t allow it to intrude on his future. Yet, that was easier said than done when his best friend came to him desperate for help, and it put him right on the path to his one weakness.

Young didn’t equal lost.

Derrick Thorpe lived in the shadow of his father’s mistakes. Although he was adopted by Linus Trenton, he wanted to prove that he wasn’t like his biological father. When he was asked to go undercover to help at Trenton Security, it put him in close quarters with Gage. Being Gage’s was only an act, but when lines blur, what happens when the operation ends?

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While reading I smacked my head more than once for not reading the other books from this series... I wanted to know more about some of the characters... and they had already had their story.
This can be read as a stand-alone and I will surely read the others... just doing it backwards.

It was a fulfilling read, with a lot of events. Highly entertaining and with varied aspects.
The Daddy/boy dynamic was so well done.

Gage has a lot of inner demons to fight and while still tortured by them, he will never be able to give in to his feelings for the much younger Derrick.
More than ten years ago, Derrick saw Gage for the first time and was head over heels. But Gage is avoids him.

When they have to work together as Daddy/boy, to find and hopefully rescue , the daughter of Gage’s best friend, they can’t deny each other any more. 

Suspense, abuse, human trafficking, traumatic experiences... but also the opposite you can find here. There is a lot of story.
All well written, and worked out well. The scenery was dark and vicious, the development of both Gage and Derrick’s characters was excellently done. They have a lot of personality and both carrying a lot of baggage...The whole plot was kind of devastating.

Thank goodness for the softer moments where I could breathe more freely and thank goodness for the moments where Gage and Derrick had there time to be free around each other. Thank goodness for wonderfully flawed and realistic personalities.
The romance was well balanced with the whole story... not too sappy.
The writing style was captivating, appealing, and vivid. The syntax was strong and the pace steady. I was totally absorbed by this story.


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