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Random Review: The Beast's Beauty by R. Phoenix #Review #Giveaway

Author: R. Phoenix
Title: The Beast's Beauty
Self Published
Publication Date: January 17, 2019
Length: 44,450 words

Reviewed by Racheal


“No one will ever look past these scars.”

Once a popular singer, Griffin lost everything to a fire. Society cast him aside when it became clear he was no longer handsome. Sure that no one will ever see beyond the scars that have ruined half of his body, he turns to desperate measures to find companionship.

“How can I do anything but surrender?”

Kidnapped because of his looks, Ryder is delivered to Griffin to become anything his master wants him to be. He is repeatedly forced to choose between humiliation and worse. Each time he obeys Griffin, a piece of him breaks away. Can he truly refuse when every option is worse than the next?

In this psychological drama, two men struggle with their definitions of what society labels beauty as opposed to a beast… and they learn that the true definition of beauty might not be as clear as they’d thought.

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I was thrilled to be giving an opportunity to read this book! I am always fascinated with MM books that have a touch of darkness embedded into their story lines. R. Phoenix absolutely did not fall short in giving a darker version to her story in The Beast's Beauty.

The story could be a trigger for some readers but it wasn't something that was too hard for me to read and I found myself grossly fascinated by her two main characters.

Ryder is basically written in a way that he comes off as a rich, stuck up, run of the mill typical frat boy. Takes for granted the rich society that he was raised in, the numerous pretty girls that were basically at his disposal, and parties and drinks way too much. Until he wakes from what he thought was a rough night of drinking to a cold floor, in a room with limited light, and a voice that sends chills down his spine. But, nothing could prepare him for the site of the monstrous man that now was standing in his way of freedom.

Once upon a time, he was famous, a celebrity to which millions of people adored him. He had money, fame, friends, and lost it all by being another's savior. Now the offers stopped coming, friends no longer around, he is nothing but a shell of the man he once was. 

Soon his loneliness will be gone! Griffin finally found his way to be happy. Now if only his pet Toby would stop fighting and give in to his demands. 

This story has a little BDSM but nothing that is too elaborate! I have always been on the fence about puppy play, but I really liked the story line because neither was too heavy!


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