Saturday, February 16, 2019

All About Me and What's To Come: EM Denning #Giveaway

Happy Saturday my good people! It's time for our feature: All About Me and What's To Come. Today we have the talented EM Denning. Is she new to you? Well, lucky you a new author is on the horizon. Read her before? Well, then wait until you see what's coming. There's a giveaway at the end so be sure to enter! Get comfy folks....

Greetings! I’m EM Denning, but you can call me Emo. I’m supposed to tell you a bit about myself but I truthfully never know what to say. I’m not that interesting. I’m Canadian. I write books. I eat poutine. I like to read books. Lots of books. About all different kinds of things. And sometimes I want to read a book that doesn’t exist yet, so I write it.

I wrote poetry for many years until I made the switch to books. At first, I was writing MF books, but found my niche when I stumbled into the world of MM romance. There’s a lot about the genre that I absolutely love, but that’s probably a different post.

Right before I found MM Romance, I found BDSM books, and when I finally stumbled into a plot bunny featuring both, I knew I had to write it. Writing What He Needs really changed my life. Not only do I feel that it helped me really stretch my wings as a writer, but it also led to one of the best friendships of my lifetime. Kate Hawthorne started out as a beta reader, then became my friend, then my coauthor.

The Desires series starts out with Alan and Craig in What He Needs. It’s got a bit of Daddy kink and is a lovely story about how our needs can change and evolve over time. What He Craves is about my sweet, lost boy, Matty, who sees the good in everyone, and Steve, the man who believes in Matt’s worth, even when Matty doesn’t. What He Hides is one of my favorite tropes. Xavier, a young dominant twink acts on his crush and goes after the person he’s always wanted, his older brother’s best friend, Everett. What He Fears is a menage featuring a dom, a switch, and a sweet guy who is still learning about who he is.

I mentioned above that Kate is my coauthor. If you like sweet boys, guilt cookies, and panty kink, you should check out Irreplaceable. But if fake relationships, bubbly wine, and errant street crabs are more your style, then Future Fake Husband is the book for you.

What’s to come?

Well you see, this year I’ve been stretching my wings and I’ve written a darker romance, one that will be the first of my Denning After Dark line of books. The release for it however, is on hold while I work on the sequel.

BUT, coming soon is my first Omegaverse novel. The current title is Best Laid Plans and it will come out some time early spring if it all goes according to plan. Best Laid Plans isn’t your standard omegaverse novel. I’ve sort of flipped the trope and turned Alphas into second class citizens.

After that, I do plan to return to the third book in the Upstate Education series.

Beyond that, probably some daddy kink, if I’m honest.

If you want to keep up to date on all my shenanigans, please feel free to join my Facebook group. I’m also on twitter, instagram, and bookbub.

All of my books are on Amazon and are free to read in KU.


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  1. Loved all your books so much! Only you can write about a gangbang and make it sweet and romantic! 😁 Thanks for the chance to win a book from you!

  2. I love your books. Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. I adored Half as Much beyond all reason, and I'm so pumped at the chance to get a copy of it.

  4. Sounds like interesting. Thank you for the chance!