Saturday, December 8, 2018

About Me and What's To Come: Lynn Lorenz ~ Guest Post #Giveaway

It's another installment of About Me and What's To Come and this week we have author Lynn Lorenz here with us talking about what's new and whats to come. Also, there's a wonderful giveaway at the end so be sure to check that out.

Pushing Philip – a Common Powers Christmas
I’d wanted to write this book for the last 3 or 4 years, every time Christmas rolled around. I’d kick myself for not getting to it, earlier because I was swamped with writing obligations, and of late, due to my crazy life. Finally, I got to it – the last book in the Common Powers series – Pushing Phillip.
This series is about men who have sort of small powers, not superheroes. But any power can be “super” if one knows how to use it – or when.
In Soul Bonds, book one, Sammi has the power to hear his lovers’ thoughts, to know what they want in bed. For most of Sammi’s life, it’s been a curse. It’s made him valuable, but only as a sex slave. Meeting Mitchell, the man who can hear Sammi’s thoughts turns his life around, even as his presence nearly destroys Mitchell’s life.   Buy on Amazon.
Book two, Rush in the Dark, both men have a power, Rush can see in the dark, and Brian gets premonitions. Rush is deep in the closet, Brian is out and proud. But their gifts might save them both. Buy on Amazon.
Book three, Edward Unconditionally, has Edward Beauregard III, a man who can heal with his touch. He’s sent to heal his grandmother but must learn to find the strength deep inside him. Jack, the police chief, must find the strength to come out of his closet, risk the life he’s built, and openly love Edward. Buy on Amazon.
In Pushing Phillip, the final book, finds all our men back together at Christmas. We learn where they all are in their lives and loves and meet a new member of the “powers” club – Phillip. He’s a drifter who landed in their town and is trying to be a better man. His power is perhaps the most dangerous, if used for evil, and it’ll take a strong, good man to handle it. The object of his heart is Estaban, a mechanic who has an uncanny ability around cars. When Phillip’s life comes crashing down days before Christmas, he’ll needs friends and maybe a miracle. Leave it to our guys come to his rescue. Buy on Amazon.
I’m ending the series on a heartwarming note, and as always, a Happily Ever After. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
If you love a sweet Christmas short story, look for A Miracle for Markie, from MLR press, coming out on December 28th.  This tale of miracles involves seven-year-old Markie, his family, and a very special Nativity Scene. I hope you’ll get all the feels!  
In 2019, I’ll be bring back Locke and Blade, my paranormal/fantasy/witch story, to continue their next adventure. And I’m working on a rom-com called Visualize This! Set on a cruise ship, with plenty of disasters, missed opportunities, and hijinks. Hope it’ll see the light of day later in the year.

Thanks to Diverse Readers for this promo opportunity! And a special thanks to Meredith King!


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  1. lynn is a new author for me ..thanks for the chance

  2. I liked Lynn's Rougaroux Social Club series.

  3. I know of the author but have never read any of her books. The books sound interesting.

  4. I love your stories, adding this one to my list.

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