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Release Day Review: Take A Chance On It by K.A. Mitchell #Review #Giveaway

Author: K.A. Mitchell
Book: Take A Chance On It
Series: Ready or Knot #3
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: October 19, 2016
Length: 160 pages

Reviewed by Erin


Left at the altar by his long-time lover, Spencer, and in desperate need of quality health insurance, Dane Archer can’t say no when his best man and best friend, Gideon DeLuca, steps in. But Dane and Gideon have history, tangled and passionate and complicated.

After seventeen years of cat and mouse, Gideon has realized Dane isn’t the kind of man who ever wants to be caught, and he’s stopped playing Dane’s game.

For Dane, it’s never been a game, but sexual fidelity isn’t his strong suit. Love is too beautiful for limits, something he’s never been able to get Gideon the control freak to understand. Now Dane has nothing but limits, including the timeline on his paper-only marriage to Gideon.

Gideon’s the only person Dane trusts enough to lean on, and Gideon will do anything to get Dane through this crisis. Anything but fall for Dane again.

Living together forces Dane and Gideon to stop circling and face what’s been between them all these years. They just don’t know if they have the power or the time to make things right.

What they do know is that they’re not ready for it to be over.

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K.A. Mitchell has been a favorite author of mine for many, many years now. Her unique way of telling a story keeps her on my auto buy list, no matter what she writes. Take a Chance on It is the third book in her Ready or Knot series, and she saved the best for last. I don't think this should be read as a standalone, as these books are about a group of friends and their differing views on marriage and relationships. As such, previous events and experiences play a significant part in the story of Dane and Gideon and if you don't understand their history, the point of the story is pretty much lost. 

Dane Archer and Gideon Deluca have been best friends for most of their lives. They've been having sex off and on for seventeen years. Dane doesn't believe in sexual fidelity, even when he's in a committed relationship. He's recently found out he has cancer, though he hasn't told any of his friends. He's finally asked Spencer, his boyfriend of ten years, to marry him, only to be left at the altar. With no health insurance now and desperately needing expensive treatment to fight his illness, Gideon and Dane get married. Gideon has been in love with Dane for years, though he's resigned himself to Dane never being what he needs him to be. This conflict is of course at the heart of Take a Chance on It. 

I found this book utterly fascinating because of the way K.A. Mitchell has portrayed both of these men. Dane is such a complex character and the history between these two is so inherent to the people they are now. Gideon will do anything to help Dane fight the cancer, even knowingly letting his heart get broken, again, by Dane. Being together in such close proximity and for extended periods of time brings all the feelings both have fought so hard to keep hidden bubbling to the surface. Gideon sees Dane at his absolute worst--gaunt, vomiting into a toilet for hours at a time from the chemo, bald, weak--but that doesn't stop him from being hopelessly in love with Dane. For Dane, being vulnerable, showing weakness, is something he tries to avoid at all costs but fighting the cancer is taking everything he has. The more time these two spend together, the closer they get. It's not just the sex, though there is that, but it's finally the emotional connection that brings these two men together. 

This book is emotional. It's frustrating and sexy and sad and hopeful. It'll challenge your views on relationships and how there are many types for different people. It will make you smile. It will show you a side of living with cancer many might not see. It will make you root for these two to get their HEA. I'm sad this series is over, but I can't wait to see what K.A. Mitchell does next!


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