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Release Day Post: Rain & Whiskey by B.A. Tortuga #Review #Giveaway

Author: B.A. Tortuga
Book: Rain & Whiskey 2nd edition
Series: Stormy Weather #1
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: October 7, 2016
Length: 264 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Galen Frost buys a house and a bait shop in a small Florida town to get away from his life as a semipro football player. When he meets good-time bartender Shane Barton, the heat between them is instant and intense—like the burn of good whiskey.

Galen and Shane don’t have much in common beyond their healthy libidos and their love of a good time, but the intoxicating heat brings them together like rain on the ocean, whipping up a frenzy of weather… good and bad. When trouble blows ashore, they will have to ride out the storm that breaks between them as Galen’s past rears its ugly head.

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Two guys who start as a one night stand find themselves unable to stay away from each other for long and what grows from their hot and steamy lust affair to two men who are finding what they need each other at a time when they didn’t know they needed it. Galen’s past comes walking in when he least expected it and his jealous stubborn ways do rear their ugly head causing more trouble than he needs. Can they find their way back after Shane loses everything at the expense of Galen’s trouble?

First thing I feel I should mention about Rain and Whiskey is that it is more erotica than it is erotic romance. The story itself wasn’t bad because of this and it is clear the purpose of the amount of sex scenes in this story was because of the idea that these two guys have very healthy libido’s and are so hot for each other they go at it all the time. BUT my problem with that is, with this length book, we get what feels like an overabundance of sex and not enough growth of the characters or their connection in other ways.

There are little things here and there that we learn about each guy and makes you like who they are. I mean truly loved these two and their fun and lively banter. And man oh man is their sex off the charts hot and adventurous! Shane is a bartender who lives his life day to day not making plans and just enjoying his young life. Whereas Galen is an ex-football player with a troubled past and a newly purchased bait shop to keep him busy when he doesn’t need to work. Both are more for the one night stand than they are for relationships so I liked how they were taken back by how they truly started to feel for the other but not wanting to rock the boat and scare the other away. Around 50% through the book is when we start to see more development on their relationship but I would’ve liked for it to happen a bit earlier than that.

One other thing I want to mention is there was a part in the epilogue that I felt came out of nowhere with no explanation as authors are normal to do so it left me with questions but it wasn't anything major that took away from the story, more of an annoyance for me. It does look like this a series with Galen and Shane as the MC’s so hopefully we get more story and less sex in book two.

If you like lots of hot sex with flirty bartenders, ex-football players with trust issues, toys & nipple piercings, and rough sex pick this one up, it is definitely for you!


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