Monday, October 10, 2016

Random Reviews: Hawk v Falcon by Elodie Parkes #Review #Giveaway

Author: Elodie Parkes
Book: Hawk v Falcon: Surprise at the Candy Apple
Series: At the Candy Apple Series #3
Publisher: Encompass Ink
Publication date: September 15, 2016
Length: 95 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


When Chris Falconer receives an email from his lost high school friend, Justin, ten years after he last saw him, Chris is overjoyed. The two boys had shared kisses and sworn love for each other, but before their love could be tested, Justin’s mother abruptly took Justin out of school, and they disappeared.
Multi-talented and handsome Chris is a cage fighter at Jack’s Clubhouse, and the Dungeon Master in the Candy Apple club. He writes a column for a fitness blog and keeps himself busy, but deep down he’s never forgotten Justin—turns out Justin has never forgotten Chris either.
On a modeling assignment in New York, Justin sees Chris in a cafĂ© and can’t help contacting him, but his ex, Todd, who doesn’t want Justin but doesn’t want Chris to have him either, has plans to throw their reunion into disarray.
So begins a love story full of emotion. Will Todd succeed? Or this time, will Justin and Chris have the happy ending and delicious love they deserve?


Hawk v Falcon is a second chance romance and that thrilled me since that is one of my favorite tropes! This story is wonderfully sexy without being over the top but that is not all it is.

Chris and Justin connect in a super charged way. The game of cat and mouse with these two is fantastic. Though it's charged, it's like the refreshing rush you feel with a static charge. I hope that makes sense. They felt on the cusp of exploding and that made their moment just right.

Elodie Parkes is unique in her writing because she really makes her readers work for that HEA. You're not 40% into the book and they are all lovey dovey and you have to endure fluff for the next 60% of the time. No no no! That's not how this works.

This became a very emotional book. Justin's past is utterly heartbreaking and the last decade hasn't been easy for him. Now, after all that; Justin's crazy ex-boyfriend is hellbent on removing Chris from Justin's life. I told you it wouldn't be easy.

This is a suspenseful, emotional, love story. Elodie Parkes truly knocked it out of the park in all the areas here. I recommend this book completely!


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  1. Thank you for the review, I've never tge authors' works before so this helped to get the gist of. The book I looked forward to this month is Bitter Legacy and Hexmaker; one is already released and can't wait for the other one, too!

  2. This one sounds great! I also want to read Jacob Z. Flores' WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS and Robert P. Rowe's THE OUTFIELDERS.


  3. Hi Diverse Reader,
    Thank you so much for hosting my book and I am so glad that you liked it .