Sunday, March 1, 2015

Guest Post about Shawn's Law by Renae Kaye #Review #Giveaway

Renae Kaye has a new book coming out on March 6th! I have had the great pleasure of reading an advanced copy and WOW! You'll love it. Today Renae has a little post for you, and a giveaway. I have my review of the book and of course, did you see this fabulous cover by Paul Richmond? Wonderful.

So what does Renae have to say? Let's read....

I don’t pretend to be a ‘serious’ writer.  I don’t mean that I’m a writer that doesn’t take her work earnestly.  I mean that I don’t write real, angsty, serious stories.  One of my first reviews on Goodreads about my debut story Loving Jay, was that it was a piece of fluff.

I took this as a compliment.  *grin*

Life’s too short to be tied up in knots and agony.  I’d rather be tied up in stitches and laughter.  So there are a few things to remember when reading this book.

1.  Don’t forget your sense of humour.

2.  Don’t read in public unless you don’t mind others staring at the “crazy person in the corner.”

3.  Keep your distance from others while reading, because you may spit as you burst out laughing.

4.  Check to make sure the floor is clean before rolling around on it in laughter.

5.  It’s fiction.

(Bonus hint: if you have a weak bladder, pack a change of undies).

If you’re feeling down, or if you need a good laugh, then pick up Shawn’s Law.  You will be taken on a topsy-turvy adventure with poor, poor Shawn.  You see, accidents just happen around him.  To him.  By him.  To people near him.  In Shawn’s family, they don’t call it Murphy’s Law, they call it Shawn’s Law.

Poor, poor Harley.  I mean – all he wanted was to date Shawn, and instead he gets to meet a whole bunch of people he never expected.  Like the doctors at the Emergency Department and all the nurses in the hospital.  People like the repo guys and the auto-breakdown guys who know Shawn’s name and address off the top of their heads.  And who can forget Shawn’s family?

Now, you may be put off by the term “several deadly Australian animals,” but let me reassure you – no one dies.  No one loses a limb.  No one loses an eye.  So yes, there’s a snake – but that’s what anti-venom is for, isn’t it?  And yes, there is a spider bite – but you will find out that no one has died from a redback spider for decades.  And yes, there is a…  Well – maybe you should find out for yourself.  Because there are also several cute and cuddly animals – like quokkas.  And majestic animals like Carnaby’s Cockatoos.  And if you don’t know what either of those are, then you’re in for a treat!

So now, the most important questions?

1.  Is it HEA?  Of course.

2.  Does anyone die from the attacking wildlife?  No.

3.  Will I laugh?  I believe you will.

4.  Where can I buy?


Blurb:  Shawn is single, twenty-nine, the full-time career of his Alzheimer’s-stricken mother and a frequent victim of Murphy’s Law—although his family call it Shawn’s Law.  Other than caring for mum, his day consists of painting nude men and spying on the guy who walks his dogs along the street every day at four o’clock. When he takes a spectacular fall on his front steps, who is there to witness it other than the man of his dreams?

Harley doesn’t believe in Shawn’s Law – but he soon changes his mind.
The two men make it through a memorable first date and Shawn’s sexual insecurities to begin a relationship stumbling toward love.  But when Shawn’s Law causes Harley to be injured, Shawn is determined to save Harley’s life the only way he knows how—by breaking up with him.  Not once, but twice.  Throw in a serial killer ex-boyfriend, several deadly Australian animals, two dogs called Bennie, a mother who forgets to wear clothes, an unforgiving Town Council, and a strawberry-flavored condom dolly, and Shawn’s Law is one for the books. 

My Review:
I was SO lucky to get an advanced copy of this book! I am a huge Renae Kaye fan so of course I was excited to read this! It's not often a book can make me laugh until my sides hurt. The last book to do that was Tell Me it's Real by TJ Klune. Shawn's Law is HILARIOUS. Side splitting. Pure entertainment. A book about: Is is bad luck or is it good luck? Either way, it's freaking funny. Renae went all out and I can easily say this is the funniest book I've read this year. I highly recommend you read this book! 

Renae will be giving one luck fan a copy of Shawn's Law! ON RELEASE DAY! This contest will run until March 6th and the winner will be notified via email (So check your spam folder) 

I want to thank Renae for being here today and for writing yet ANOTHER fabulous book! Good luck to you all!!!

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  1. The funniesy book I've ever read It's Tell me It's Real by Tj Klune.

  2. Tell Me It's Real, loved this book.

  3. I'm torn between Tell Me It's Real by TJ Klune and Beauty and the Bookworm by Nick Pageant.

    1. Oh yes Beauty and the Bookworm is also a great one!

  4. Josh Lanyon's Holmes and Moriarity books have me chuckling every time. Love Kit's comments and asides.

  5. The last book I read that made me laugh was "Here Comes Trouble" by AE Via which is part of a series. The other readers on the bus never laugh - I think they only read serious books, they don't know what they're missing.

  6. Tell Me it's Real by TJ Klune---I laughed so hard at times I thought I was either going to fall out of my chair or have an asthma attack.......still one of my favorite reads for a good laugh!

  7. The boy with the Painful Tattoo... That's the funniest book I've read lately.

  8. I have to say it is a toss up between Two Gentlemen Sharing and The Shearing Gun. Two Gentlemen Sharing is about a couple who buy an old estate in a little hamlet in the UK. One thing after the other I was bloody snorting aloud on the beach in Mexico

  9. I read all of Lanyon's Holmes and Moriarity books this week for the first time and they were pretty hilarious :)

  10. I have to agree with Eran Tell Me it's REal by TJ Klune was hilarious!

  11. The funniest one that I read lately has got to be Trouble Comes in Three's by M.A. Church.

  12. Desdemona Darkly by Matt Ortiz made me laugh out loud several times.

  13. Desdemona Darkly by Matt Ortiz made me laugh out loud several times.

  14. So many people share my sense of humor! My absolute favorite humorous book is Tell Me It's Real by TJ Klune. The scene with the YouTube video? Gotta be one of the funniest things I've ever read. Some of my recent favorites are The Two Gentlemen of Altona by Lisa Henry & JA Rock and Loving Hector by John Inman.

  15. Some funny ones that stick out for me are BOATK by TJ Klune, Seduction & Snacks by Tara Sivec, Frat Boy & Toppy by Anne Tenino, Mark Cooper vs. America by Lisa Henry & JA Rock and I also recall Loving Jay making me laugh a few times.

  16. Skye Blue by Alexa Land - funny, funny book.

  17. Tell Me It's Real by TJ Klune is the one that comes to mind this instant. I love humor in the stories I read.

  18. Gosh I have so many, so just a few off the top of my head: Slam by JL Merrow, Shy by John Inman, Gillibran Brown's Memoirs of a Houseboy and Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy.