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Author Saturday Spotlight: Lisa Worrall #Interview & #Giveaway

The first book of Lisa's I ever read was Laurel Heights and I was blown away. I was fairly new to this genre and to say she knocked my socks off would be an understatement. She's one of those authors that when someone says, "M/M aren't great books, they are just sex." You thrust her books at them and say, "I'll expect your apology in triplicate." This genre is lucky to have her talent.

I have a wonderful interview for you today and Lisa is doing a double giveaway. She will give one lucky winner: Follow My Lead and ANOTHER winner, What's the Worst That Could Happen. WOOP! Double giveaway!!!!

In this post we will look at these 2 books and talk about some of her other books. Let's start with her Laurel Heights books, shall we?

Detectives Scott Turner and Will Harrison are sent undercover after an apparent murder/suicide in Laurel Heights, an exclusive gay housing community. Will the two closeted officers be able to hide their attraction while each believing the other is straight? And is there a killer amongst them waiting to claim his next victim?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes scenes of dubious consent

Will and Scott are now out and proud and living together in Scott's tiny house. So everything is perfect, right? Wrong...

Scott has a new partner, a new male partner, and Will is not happy about that at all.

A sadistic serial killer is at large, torturing his way through the gay community, but Will and Scott have no leads.

And one of the residents of Laurel Heights has been arrested for murder.

The two books she is doing for the giveaways:

Jared wants to take Ben away for a romantic Valentine's weekend. Blue Ridge Retreat boasts private cabins, beautiful scenery and spa treatments. Jared is all about the outdoors and likes nothing more than to channel his inner Bear Grylls and head off into the wilderness. Ben, not so much, but in the five years he and Jared have been together, he's learned to go with the flow. He reassures himself that the weekend will be full of spa treatments and snuggling by a roaring fire, so agrees to some much needed time together. After all, what's the worst that could happen?

Hell hath no fury like a boyfriend scorned as sitcom star and comedian, CJ Edwards, finds out when his ex releases a sex tape he hadn't even known was being filmed. Not to mention the headlines on every newstand accusing CJ of being an abusive alcoholic. His career in tatters, CJ's agent manages to get CJ a spot on the Christmas special of Dancing with Stars in Your Eyes. Seeing it as a chance to possibly redeem himself, CJ accepts.

Lucien Moreau has been a dance professional on Dancing with Stars in Your Eyes for three years, and he loves it. Until the powers that be decide, in view of new marriage equality laws, the show's Christmas special will include a gay couple. Finding out he is being partnered with CJ Edwards hits him like a fist to the gut. Six months ago his brother and sister-in-law were killed in an accident when their car was hit by a drunk driver. How the hell is he supposed to teach a man, not unlike the one who destroyed his family, to dance?

You can see ALL of Lisa's books by going to her website. Purchase and don't forget to review!

Now let's get to that interview, shall we?

Thank you so much for being here today Lisa. I have a few questions for you today. I have always found you to be a dark and intense writer. I'm always on the edge of my seat with your books. Well, except for maybe A Nanny for Nate, but still even there very gripping. Are you a reader of your own types of books and if so what authors did you read growing up that manifested such talent?

First of all thank you for inviting me today, it’s very exciting.

I grew up reading Enid Blyton and Mills & Boon, but discovered Stephen King, James Herbert and Clive Barker in my teens, so I guess there is a little darkness in me, lol. Most of the vampire stories I’d read involved the search for redemption, so with Thirst I wanted to go a different way with Carter. He made no excuses for who or what he was, and was as surprised as anyone else when he fell for Max. If I’m honest, I’ve tried to wonder which sub-genre I fit into at times, because I write what pops into my head. Horror, thriller, fluff, comedy and romance, there is always room for romance J (It’s definitely the Mills & Boon in me.)

 Will there be a Laurel Heights 3?

Right now the answer is no. Will it still be no if the boys whisper in my ear down the line? I guess we’ll have to wait and see 

You live in London (I have always wanted to visit) Have you ever been to the states? If yes what have been your favorite places, if no, where would you most like to visit?

I actually live in Leigh on Sea, which is about forty miles outside of London on the coast, but I’ve been to London many times. I’ve only been to the states once. To fulfil a dream. I am a diehard Elvis fan and, yes, you guessed it, we went to Graceland. Memphis is a beautiful place and the people were so welcoming. Unfortunately, was two days away from coming out in chicken pox when we got to Memphis so I didn’t see as much as I would have liked. My husband did though while I was confined to the hotel room, lol.

I’d love to go to New Orleans if I had the chance to visit the states again.

Whenever I have asked an author in this genre why they chose MM, they often respond, "It actually chose me." Do you feel the same way?

I’d have to say that I fell into MM. I hadn’t even heard of livejournal or fanfiction until a friend of mine found out I’d written a bit during my earlier years and asked me to write a Jared/Jensen story for her birthday. I wasn’t too sure at first but quickly realised this genre was where I was supposed to be

When you're not writing, what would we find you doing? Hobbies etc...

I love reading, cooking and trying to keep the kids corralled. They keep me on my toes.

Can you name one book you've read and said afterwards, "Damn, I wish I wrote that?"

IT by Stephen King. I know, I know, it may seem like a weird choice, but damn that man made me, laugh, cry and scared the pants off me in the same book. It was genius.

If you’re asking about an MM book it would be, without a doubt, Nothing Ever Happens by Sue Brown. It’s my favourite MM book. The beautiful writing and the crafting of the characters *sigh*, it’s what Sue does best. I want to be her when I grow up

Can you tell us what projects you're working on now?

At the moment I’m working on a western set in the 1870’s called Before Sundown, which I’m determined to finish! Also I am expanding the short story published by Silver a couple of years ago, Forever Dusk (it’s a vampire one that might turn into my first ménage... eeep!) which I hope to have out this month. And I am also working on book 3 of the Left at the Crossroads series. Book 1, Un-Expected, was written by me, and is already out. Book 2, In-Decision, is written by Sue Brown and is due for release in April (I think!) and Book 3, Un-Deniable, should hopefully be out in June  

And, of course, if a story grabs my fancy along the way, I’ll be working 

Advertising in this genre is tricky. What forms of advertisement have you found work the best?

Facebook and blogger are definitely the channels I use the most. And Twitter, when I can remember to log on. It confuddles me

What's the pros and cons of being a writer?

The pros are being able to create characters and stories people want to read and those readers themselves. That has been my greatest joy since I started writing professionally, meeting a diversity of people from all walks of life who have become not only readers, but friends. If it were not for writing I would never have met them.

The cons? Can’t think of any

 How can your fans follow you? Social media, websites etc...

Twitter –  @Lisa_Worrall
Website –

Thank you, Lisa for this wonderful interview. Be sure to follow Lisa on these social media sites so you don't miss out on any of her projects.

As I said above there is a double giveaway. One winner will get What's the Worst That Could Happen (That will be the first random selected winner) 2nd randomly selected winner will receive Follow My Lead. Contest will run until March 27th. Winners will be contacted via email, so be sure to check your spam. And of course ALWAYS remember to review. Good luck to you all!!!!

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  1. I'm a long time fan of Lisa's I have most of her books and have loved everyone of them!

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