Monday, November 24, 2014

Release Day: The Master (Book 3 of Free Men) by Kate Aaron *Awesome Giveaway*

BOOK 3 OF FREE MEN IS OUT! What a ride!!!! Book 1 (The Slave) Book 2 (The Soldier) and now The Master! Kate Aaron has delivered the trilogy to ALL OF YOU in ONE MONTH! DAMN! That is impressive!

Being rescued was only the start.

Otiz lies in ruins. As underlord of the region, Lysander knows where his responsibilities lie. He has an obligation to the survivors to rebuild their homes and their lives. But what about his home, his life?

Kai needs help. The damage inflicted on him goes beyond the marks left when he was tortured, but healing him might require more from Lysander than he’s capable of giving. Of one thing he’s certain: Tam and Kai will never be endangered again because of who he is, even if saving them means setting them free.

All Lysander wants is to be left in peace. To recover from the horrors of his experience at the hands of his enemies. But with pressure piling up from every angle, peace is the last thing he’s likely to find. Suffocated by guilt, Lysander begins to spiral. How can he hold everything together, when inside he’s falling apart?

Free Men, Book 3 The Master ended this series perfectly. Kate Aaron, has yet again, mastered the written word. Her creation of a world and the characters in it is breathtaking. Book 1 (The Slave) we followed Tam's POV and Kate whisked us away into a world where boundaries were pushed, love truly is stronger than anything, and the impossible is challenged. In Book 2 ( The Soldier) we were sucked into Kai's world, and the darkness that consumed him. His past, as horrible as it was, had nothing on what awaited him at the hands of his own. But, again, love was a huge healer in that book. Now, The Master, book 3 to this marvelous series brings it all full circle. Finally, we hear from Lysander. FINALLY we truly understand his feelings for Tam and Kai. The purpose of Kai's purchase, and how every sacrifice he made, and makes, is selfless.

I was blown away and left breathless by this book and this entire series will go down as an all time favorite series! I applaud Kate Aaron.


And so the series is complete! Of course Kate Aaron is as generous as she is talented. She has a special giveaway for ONE fan!

ONE FAN has the chance to either win:
PACKAGE A) The ENTIRE series Book 1, 2, and 3 of this series via ebook.
 PACKAGE B) If you've purchased 1 you can have 2 and 3... Basically win them all or win what you don't have of this collection. Easy Peasy!

Contest will run until Monday, December 1st! Winner will be contacted via email. PLEASE respond to email asap.

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  1. i have read book 1 and am now reading book 2 and so happy i dont have to wait for the end ..great series

  2. Have been saving Books 1 & 2 until 3 arrived. Now have them all & can sit quietly in Kate Aaron's world & enjoy the WHOLE story! Thank you for not keeping us in suspense! Gotta go pack my lunch & dinner & line up my drinks so I can begin this brilliant journey!

  3. I didn't hear about the series until very recently and knew the third one was on its way. I decided to wait and get them all at once and have a reading binge. :-) I'm super excited about a chance to win all of the books. So generous!

  4. I have just put the first two books on my to buy list, so I would love to win all three.

  5. I haven't read this series as yet
    they are on my wish list :)

  6. Woot woot! How exciting! The series sounds amazing!

  7. As as history lover, especially ancient history, I recently found out about the series and have the first two on my wish list, so it would be absolutely wonderful to win all three. I like that each book is from the POV of each of main characters and that you finally get to see how much Lysander feels.

    Thank you so much for a chance to win them, awesome covers and stories :D

  8. Very excited to add a new author to my Read pile!

  9. I haven't read this series as of yet so thanks for a chance to win.

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  11. I haven't read this series yet and would love to win all three! Thank you so much for the post and awesome giveaway!
    juliesmall2016 at gmail dot com