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Author Saturday Spotlight: N.R. Walker *Interview & Giveaway*

The M/M genre is chuck full of writers new and old. Some have been doing this for awhile and have quite a collection of books. Others, not so much. It's authors like N.R. Walker that inspire new authors to take that chance and write that book. Her fans are loyal and supportive and there are very few groups I have gone to that one of her books are not recommended. She is talented and on top of that, memorable.

To sample N.R. Walker's work she has a free read of Sixty Five Hours on her blog : Sixty Five Hours FREE

Let's take a look at her other work:

Elements of Retrofit (Book 1 in Thomas Elkin Series)
Book one in the Thomas Elkin series.

Even the strongest of buildings start out as plans on paper, and every architect knows that sometimes plans need to change. Sometimes, these lessons are learned on the job.

A successful New York architect, Thomas Elkin almost has it all. Coming out as gay and ending his marriage before his fortieth birthday, he needed to start living his life. Now, four years later, with his relationship with his son back on track, and after a few short-lived romances, this esteemed traditional draftsman thought he knew everything about architecture, about life.

Cooper Jones, twenty-two years old, is about to take the architect world by storm. Talented, professional, driven, and completely infuriating, Cooper is the definition of Generation Y.

Starting an internship working with Thomas, Cooper is about to knock Tom’s world off its axis. Tom can teach Cooper about the industry, but Cooper is about to teach Tom a few things about life.

**To check out the entire series and to buy go here: Thomas Elkin Series 

 Point of No Return (Book 1 in Turning Point Series)
Matthew Elliot is one of LA’s best detectives—a smart, tough, closeted gay man. When he falls for his gym instructor, it’s not his colleagues he should be worried about finding out…it’s the bad guys.

Matthew Elliot is one of LA’s best detectives. He's been labelled the golden boy of the Fab Four: a team of four detectives who've closed down drug-rings all over the city. He’s smart, tough and exceptionally good at his job.

He's also a closeted gay man.

Enter Kira Takeo Franco, the new boxing coach at the gym. Matthew can't deny his immediate attraction to the man his fellow cops know as Frankie. But in allowing himself to fall in love with a man known to his colleagues, Matthew risks outing them both.

Matt and Kira work to keep their relationship and private lives hidden from Matt’s very public life, fearing it would be detrimental to their careers.

But it's not the other cops who Matthew should be worried about finding out his deepest, darkest secret…it's the bad guys.

*** For more about this series and to purchase this book go here: Turning Point Series 

 Three's Company
After being publicly outted and his restaurant business in tatters, instead of vacationing with his lover, Wilson Curtis goes to Key West alone. He meets Simon and Adam and is soon invited into their bed for some holiday fun.

But once isn't enough, and the offer is extended for the remainder of his stay. As they get to know each other, in and out of the bedroom, sparks fly and ten days is all it takes to change their lives.

When it comes time for Wil to leave, with outside tensions closing in and time running out, tempers flare and emotions fray. Beneath the misunderstandings and lack of communication, is the realization these three men aren't ready to say goodbye.

**For more about this book go here: Three's Company 

You can go to N.R. Walker's Goodreads page and see all of her books N.R. Walker on GR 

There are MANY! 

N. R. Walker's Red Dirt Heart Series is a pretty big deal! So many people talking about it and N. R Walker is giving one reader a chance to win Red Dirt Heart 3!!! But first, the interview:


 You're a very diverse writer in the M/M genre. Doctors, businessmen, Cowboys, not to mention subject matter. Is there any you haven't tackled that you very much want to?

I generally just listen to my characters, and they usually come to me with a job/profession before physical descriptions.  If they’re cowboys or architects, MMA fighters or doctors, then it means I have to do research.  As for careers or professions I’d like to take on? Something really easy or something I’ve done before so I don’t have to spend Googling stuff. LOL

 Do you plan your novels meticulously, or do explore your own story as you write?

I wish I planned. Oh boy, do I ever. LOL  I only ever really have a very basic plot idea, a few plot points (such as from A to B to C etc) but it really is the characters who tell the story. I tried to push characters once in a direction they didn’t want to go and ended up with nothing but writer’s block. I learned from that, to never ever sway from the characters. It is, after all, their story to tell.

Do all your books take around the same amount of time to complete? If not which book took you the longest?

Some books are so easy to write, and some are like pulling teeth. Whether that’s partially because of plot issues or personal stuff in real life, I don’t know. Maybe both?  I typically can write anywhere from 40K to 60K a month, depending on my family life. The book which took me the longest to write was Starting Point, the last book in my Turning Point Series. I think it was a combination of things (plot and real life) that led to that.

 What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I have two very busy and active kids, who play a LOT of sport, so I am basically a taxi service and ATM for them  

 Electronic or paper? Which do you prefer?

To read? Electronic. I mean, I love a paperback book, but my Kindle library is fairly extensive and that’s a convenience I adore.
To write with? I use both. I type, of course, but when I’m at a sport tournament with my kids, or in front of the TV, I will have a paper notebook and pen. I’m always writing

 How do you view rejection? What greater purpose does it serve in the creative process, as a writer?

Rejection in the writing game comes in a few forms and it is an integral part of learning (in the writing game). Sure, rejection from a publisher hurts the heart (because don’t they know that’s my baby? LOL) and pride and ego take a flogging (because don’t they know I’m the next big thing? LOL) But rejection is paramount to becoming better. How do we learn if we are not corrected and taught accordingly? As writers, we need to keep learning and improving or risk becoming redundant and, quite frankly, boring.
That being said, writers don’t just get rejection from publishers who might reject a manuscript, and editors who say “this whole section needs rewriting” but from readers/reviewers as well. There will always be a “bad review” or someone who is vocal about what they didn’t like in a story, and my theory is this: If you can’t learn from it, disregard it.
It pays to remember, particularly for writers, that reviews are not meant for the author. They are for other readers. Can you read them? Absolutely. But the real question should be “Can you learn from them?” If the answer is yes, then great! If not, you’ll just zap your creativity and lose your mojo. There are plenty of authors who have disabled their Goodreads account for this very reason. They know what works for them, and what doesn’t, so kudos for removing the source of anguish.
To anyone who has received a rejection letter from a publisher, it also pays to remember that the likes of Stephen King and JK Rowling have had publishers reject manuscripts. No one’s perfect. Just keep your chin up, and submit it somewhere else. Just because your work wasn’t right for them, doesn’t mean it’s not right for someone else

 Is there any writer/writers you'd love to collaborate with?

Um, JK Rowling?  Hahahaha. I’m totally (not) kidding.  Realistically, I would say no one. I’ve seen some collaborations go downhill very quickly and would hate to lose a friendship over creative differences.

 Describe the moment you realized you are an honest to God writer?

Well, I think I’m still waiting for that moment to happen.
I write full-time. It is my only source of income, and therefore by definition, I am a professional author. But I still don’t feel it. Maybe because nothing’s changed. I’m still a mum who has to yell at her kids to get them ready for school, who has to clean the kitchen and bathrooms, do laundry etc. I’m still the same person I was when I was a contract administrator for a construction company, or the Licensee of a hotel. I don’t know when this self-awareness of being an actual author will change/happen. I even tell people I’m a writer (when they ask what I’m doing these days) but it still doesn’t feel real…
I don’t know. Interesting question…

 Can you tell us about your future work?

I have a very short Christmas story (only 8300 words) which will be a freebie, released mid-December.
Then Red Dirt Heart 4 is due out approximately January 9th (date tbc). It’s a direct continuation of the series, but we finally get to hear from Travis.

I’m working on what comes after that (possible March release date) but it’s too early days to say anything – I’ve literally only just started it. I can say it branches into paranormal, which is not my forte. It may very well never see the light of day ;)

 How can your fans follow you through social media/ website?

Yeah, she's pretty damn awesome! Go ahead, flail... I'll wait.....................................

For the giveaway N.R. Walker is being super sweet and offering one reader a copy of Red Dirt Heart 3:

Life for Charlie Sutton has never been better, or busier. With Travis now a permanent fixture of Sutton Station, a permanent fixture at Charlie’s side, Charlie’s convinced he couldn’t do anything on his ever-growing to-do list without him.

He can run a multimillion dollar cattle business, finish his degree, try and further the local beef industry, deal with staff issues, Ma’s failing health, and an attention-demanding wombat. He can even deal with an unexpected visitor and some shattering news.

He can deal with it all, as long as he has Travis.

But what happens when he doesn’t?

Red Dirt Heart 3 is the story of Charlie Sutton finally realising he can be the man Travis Craig deserves, even if he doesn’t have Travis. It’s a story of love, family, holding on, letting go and coming home.

**If you haven't had the opportunity to read the other 2 Red Dirt Heart Series, may want to get on it lol : Red Dirt Heart Series 

 I want to thank N. R. Walker for taking time out of her every day to do this interview and offer this wonderful giveaway! 

The contest will run until Friday, November 21st. Winner will be contacted via email. Good luck to you all and remember ALWAYS: Review what you read, it matters!


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