Thursday, April 9, 2020

New Release Review: The Promise by Felice Stevens #Review #Giveaway

Title: The Promise
Series: Lost In New York #2
Author: Felice Stevens
Self Published
Publication Date: March 22, 2020
Length: 260 pages 

Reviewed by Truus


A promise made:

When Ezra Green sits next to Monroe Friedman in their high school English class, friendship blooms into first love, and even Ezra moving to California won’t keep them apart. Ezra promises Roe that once he finishes college, he’ll come home and the two will be together. In the meantime they’ll write and keep in touch. Nothing has to change.

A promise broken:

After months of unanswered letters, Roe makes one final attempt to contact Ezra with disastrous results. Ezra will never be his and he needs to move on.
Now, more than twenty years later, Ezra has come home. He doesn’t know why Roe stopped writing, but he’s determined to find out. But Roe won’t talk to him and Ezra doesn’t understand why. After all, Roe is the one who cut off contact. Isn’t he?

The promise of what is meant to be:

When Roe’s beloved grandmother suffers a stroke, the past becomes the present, and Ezra comes up with a plan. Pretending to be together to make an old lady happy should be no big deal, but after an unexpected explosive night together, decades-old secrets and lies are exposed, shattering Roe’s control and Ezra’s heart. Is first love only a dream and a promise merely words, or are Ezra and Roe meant to last a lifetime?


Ezra and Roe made a promise when they were seventeen, “we’ll write, call and stay in contact and then I’ll return to you.”

That was the plan, but it all worked out completely differently. With disastrous results.
Now, after more than twenty years later Ezra is back and there is so much anger.

Where Ezra came from money Roe had none. Now Roe is a psychologist and Ezra is still working for all the glitter money gives.
Hate is what Roe feels, during all these years he never heard from Ezra.
Ezra doesn’t understand Roe’s stand and is determined to get to know why Roe stopped returning his letters.

There are secrets, miscommunications, misunderstandings,  and hurt.
Life hasn’t been easy for either of them. Along this road, we get to know what both men have been through and it wasn’t easy.

Mountains of hurt, sorrow, manipulation, distrust are taken and the outcome isn’t even sure. They belong together that was clear for everyone, it lasted a long time until they understood it themselves, it wasn’t a smooth road. Thank goodness for good friends and dedicated family members. I want to ignore the family who did so so wrong, I just can’t!

An amazingly captivating story, beautifully written, well thought out. The hurt felt awful and real, the love survived every bump, the whole journey felt honest, integer, and made me get involved from the first page. Thank goodness for second chances, both men deserved it.


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