Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Random Review: The Gardener and the Movie Star by Lisa Worrall #Review #Giveaway

Title: The Gardener and the Movie Star
Author: Lisa Worrall 
Self Published
Publication Date: May 24, 2019
Length: 289 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Drew Singer, aka Brock Kipwell, had played Slade Donovan, action hero, for five years. When gunfire at the premiere of his new Slade outing, kills his personal assistant and shatters his hip, Drew leaves L.A. for the little village in North Yorkshire where he grew up. All he wanted to do was spend some time with his grandmother shut away from the world. But there was one thing he hadn’t counted on… the presence of his childhood friend, and first love, Cameron McDonald.

Cameron McDonald was Yorkshire born and bred. He still lived and sometimes worked on his parents’ farm, while he ran his own gardening business. Life was plodding along nicely, until he walked into Marty Singer’s kitchen to find she had a new house guest. They'd been boyhood friends, best friends, until the summer they turned fifteen, their final summer--when they’d become so much more.

Ten years have passed and their attraction to each other is as strong as ever. But Cam is dealing with his troubled friend, Ed’s, problems, and Drew is carrying so much survivor’s guilt he can barely stand the weight of it. Is this their second chance? Will either of them grab it with both hands? Or is there something waiting in the dark that neither of them expected?


After being shot on the red carpet at his film premier, Andrew heads home to recover. He lost his best friend and got nastily injured himself.
Home after ten years, home is at his grandma’s house, away from every camera and paparazzi, he can try to heal and regroup his life.
Looking through his bedroom window, into his grandma’s garden, he sees a mouth licking gardener at work. He is totally shocked to know it is Cameron, his Cameron! He is more shocked to know Cam is the same kind soul he used to be.
They pick up where they left off and just fit together as if they never parted. The difference between them is not who they are, only what they do, a gardener and a movie star.

So, we got: an excelled gardener and an injured movie star, put this together in a room and mix them with old memories and friendship with a lot of feelings, shake this up and what comes out is true joy, tremendous humor, passionate friendship, hot encounters, and commitment.

Cam is a free, honest spirit, spits out everything that’s on his mind, and as a result there are a lot of flushed cheeks and laughter. He is such a delight.
Drew is a bit more collected, mostly because of his work as an actor and holding up appearances. When he lets his guard down, the warmest, beautiful, and playful soul shows up.

There was an atmosphere throughout the whole book with humor, positivity, and lightness.
The jokes and witty comments were so funny, I snorted more than once or laughed out loud.
Cam, Drew, grandma, and more people you will meet while reading, are all a bit nuts in a very good way!

I loved this story so much! The easygoing vibe was incredible to experience. No unnecessary drama to witness. There was some awful sharp and angsty revelations which was amazingly woven into this story. But the story was more about second chances, affection, generous love, true friendship, family, community and much more. Two kind, honest and witty men, clear about how they feel, with palpable passion. Together they were delightful and... delicious ;) 
Altogether an awesome read!!


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