Thursday, June 13, 2019

Random Review: Picking Up The Pieces by Annabella Michaels #Review #Giveaway

Title: Picking Up The Pieces
Author: Annabella Michaels
Self Published
Cover Artist: Designs by Morningstar
Publication Date: May30, 2019
Length: 169 pages

Reviewed by Racheal


Two Shattered Hearts
Brody Murphy feels as if he’s lost everything when his best friend and partner, Paul, dies in the line of duty. Partners on the force for years, Paul Donovan was all Brody had. Paul accepted Brody as he was—standoffish from a childhood in the foster system, bisexual in a police force that wasn’t entirely welcoming, Brody is now adrift. Wracked by survivor’s guilt and grief, Brody devotes what’s left of his heart to help Paul’s widow and her children. And when his partner’s oldest child returns home a grown man, Brody is torn between what he thinks he should do and what his heart wants.
Grief Binds Them
Cooper Donovan is in his senior year of college when the unthinkable happens. His father dies, and Cooper returns home to be with his family, and help his mother with his little sisters. So many things were left unsaid between Cooper and his father, a fact that weighs heavily on his heart. College helped Cooper learn more about who he was and what he wanted from life, and with Brody Murphy comes unexpected feelings and complications.
Hope Leads Them Home
Brody and Cooper forge a connection that leaves Brody conflicted, Cooper determined, and both men wounded by their shared grief. While Brody struggles with why he lived, and Paul died—he had no one and nothing, and Paul had everything to live for, Cooper sees a man who deserves love and happiness under the grief. Tension rises when Brody and Cooper can’t deny what’s happening between them. Both men are picking up the pieces of their previous lives and putting together a new future, one where hope and love heals, and home is in each other’s arms.


Best believe that Annabella Michaels has pulled no stops with her latest release Picking ​Up The Pieces!
​ Just be warned now that a box of tissues will be your best friend when you take this journey with Ms. Michaels.

I have always believed in the "never go to bed angry," rule and to try to always remember to say I love you when getting off the phone with loved ones, and try never to take the ones that are close to you for granted. It only takes that one minute, one second in time to change your world forever. Then you are left with the what if’s, the should haves or the never will be able to’s for the rest of your life.

That is what happens to the loved ones of Officer Paul when he is killed. For his partner, Brody, that was the night that he not only lost his partner but his best friend, his brother, his family. The only thing that matters to Brody right now is being there for his partner's family.

Regrets, we all have them, but for Cooper finding out that his father has been killed without really knowing the truth about him, is the one regret that he will always have. Of course Cooper knew that his dad loved him, but his fear of disappointing him weight heavy on his mind. Now he is back after almost 4 years and everyone and everything seems so different, cause back in California they knew the real him but back at home everyone only knows the Cooper that he pretended to be.

There is only one person that is able to really see Cooper for who he is, a friend that he is able to tell his secret to. A man that is so close to his family that no one questions all the time that they start spending together. For who would question the partner, the best friend of his own father for being the one that finally sees and loves him for the man that he has become.

This story is about heartbreak, coming together as a family, and a very strong love that develops between the two men that Paul loved the most in the world.  I laughed, and did my share of sad tears as well as happy tears taking this journey with Brody and Cooper. This is definitely a must read.


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