Monday, December 4, 2017

Release Day Review: Regret Me Not by Amy Lane #Review #Giveaway

Author: Amy Lane
Book: Regret Me Not
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Publication Date: December 4, 2017
Length: 119 pages

Reviewed by Jenn


Pierce Atwater used to think he was a knight in shining armor, but then his life fell to crap. Now he has no job, no wife, no life—and is so full of self-pity he can’t even be decent to the one family member he’s still speaking to. He heads for Florida, where he’s got a month to pull his head out of his ass before he ruins his little sister’s Christmas.

Harold Justice Lombard the Fifth is at his own crossroads—he can keep being Hal, massage therapist in training, flamboyant and irrepressible to the bones, or he can let his parents rule his life. Hal takes one look at Pierce and decides they’re fellow unicorns out to make the world a better place. Pierce can’t reject Hal’s overtures of friendship, in spite of his misgivings about being too old and too pissed off to make a good friend.

As they experience everything from existential Looney Tunes to eternal trips to Target, Pierce becomes more dependent on Hal’s optimism to get him through the day. When Hal starts getting him through the nights too, Pierce must look inside for the knight he used to be—before Christmas becomes a doomsday deadline of heartbreak instead of a celebration of love.

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Regret Me Not is a story of two men unlikely to become friends yet alone lovers. What we do know though is these two men are special, they’re unicorns. No, not actual unicorns, but together they do develop something magical.

Pierce Atwater is hurt, divorcing and trying to handle his physical therapy all alone in Florida. Staying at his best friend’s condo, he has no expectations other than maybe getting a little better and being alone and grumpy. Enter Harold Justice Lombard the Fifth, would be massage therapist. Hal is a college student banished to Florida by his family for being too gay to be home for the Christmas holiday. Hal helps Pierce with his aqua therapy and runs down his sore muscles after those workouts. At first Pierce doesn’t understand why Hal would help him or even want to be around him. Quickly these two become friends and both of them start to come alive with the other’s support. I loved seeing their friendship, it has an almost childlike innocence to it. That friendship becomes attraction and soon the two are practically living together....on borrowed time. Pierce is only in Florida for a month, but a lot can happen in a month. Hal and Pierce become each other’s closest friend, confidant, lover and champion. The way Amy Lane writes this story of friendship and love is so believable because if ever two men needed each other, it’s Hal and Pierce! These two unicorns deserve their happily ever after!

I really loved this book, you feel the deep rooted loneliness in these men. Watching them play almost like children is so sweet, especially with the heat that summers under the surface. Two people that don’t seem to make any sense or have anything in common, just work. You understand that they’ve found Home in each other. It’s just a lovely love story that I highly recommend!


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