Friday, December 8, 2017

Release Day Review: Fire & Flint by Andrew Grey #Review #Giveaway

Author: Andrew Grey
Book: Fire and Flint
Series: Carlisle Deputies #1
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: LC Chase
Publication date: December 8, 2017
Length: 200 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Jordan Erichsohn suspects something is rotten about his boss, Judge Crawford. Unfortunately he has nowhere to turn and doubts anyone will believe his claims—least of all the handsome deputy, Pierre Ravelle, who has been assigned to protect the judge, as he's been receiving the threatening letters. The judge has a long reach, and if he finds out Jordan’s turned on him, he might impede Jordan adopting his son, Jeremiah.

When Jordan can no longer stay silent, he gathers his courage and tells Pierre what he knows. To his surprise and relief, Pierre believes him, and Jordan finds an ally… and maybe more. Pierre vows to do what it takes to protect Jordan and Jeremiah and see justice done. He’s willing to fight for the man he’s growing to love and the family he’s starting to think of as his own. But Crawford is a powerful and dangerous enemy, and he’s not above ripping apart everything Jordan and Pierre are trying to build in order to save himself….


I am a huge fan of Andrew Grey’s Carlisle Cops Series. This series (Carlisle Deputies) stays true to one character being down and out and the other swooping in to make it all better. That is a reoccurring things for this series and I love that.

In Fire and Flint we have Jordan who works for a crooked judge and stumbles on something that is very illegal. His only issue is, if he reports it he may not get to adopt Jeremiah, the boy he has been fighting for. When the judge begins getting death threats the Sheriff sends over one of his deputies, Pierre, to protect the judge.

Of course you see where this is going. Jordan and Pierre get hot and heavy and the fight to protect not just their relationship but the adoption becomes harder and harder.

I love that this series fills me with warmth and strong love. The MC’s in this book feel indestructible to me. Pierre was a rock and I adored him. I loved how he was written, I loved how he filled Jordan and Jeremiah’s hearts so flawlessly.

I did find Jordan to be a little annoying at times with his hot and cold situation. On the other side of that I understood he really let fear rule him for so long. It’s obvious without Pierre we really don’t know how this would have ended.

I actually did have one major issue with this book and it shocked me. Because I’m a huge Andrew Grey fan I rarely if ever have issue. Jeremiah is a four year old in this story but he’s written more like an 8 or 9 year old. I’ve raised three kids and there’s no way any of them would be anything like Jeremiah is at their age. If I didn’t know he was 4 I would have honestly assumed he was double that age. It really took me out of the story at certain times and I just wasn’t able to shake it off.

It is a great story and I love the plot and building. Good addition to the series.


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  2. listened to a carisle cops audiobook.
    like Andrew Grey's work.
    nice cover. eye candy always nice.