Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lessons in Obedience by Tricia Owens #Review & #Giveaway

Author: Tricia Owens
(Sin City book 6)
Publication Date: December 30, 2015

Ethan and Max have been through more than most couples have. After visiting Las Vegas and falling in lust with the magnificent Dom, Maxmillian Poole, Ethan has become a personal bodyguard working for Max's agency. Ethan has survived the Vegas Mafia, foreign hitmen, and a gun-wielding stalker, with Max there to help him recover each time. But although Max and Ethan still love each other, something in their relationship has subtly changed and Max is
determined to fix it.

A vacation at a high-end gay resort in Greece offers them the chance to reconnect and reaffirm their roles as Dominant and submissive. Beneath the hot Mediterranean sun, Ethan will know exquisite pain and sizzling pleasure. He will learn what true submission means at the hands of his powerful, dominant lover. But maybe surrender requires more than giving up your body...maybe it means changing the way you guard your heart. Numerous graphic sexual
situations. BDSM. 

This is book 6 of Tricia Owen’s Sin City Series. It can be read as a standalone but in my honest opinion you want to read the whole series. I had read book 1 so I knew who the MC’s were but I had not read 2-5 and I do admit I felt a wee bit lost in places. Tricia does a good job of recapping things but I think to really feel how great this book is you need to follow the order.
That said this was a very hot, exciting, beautiful, and emotional story. Max and Ethan are the MC’s. Max is the Dom and Ethan is the Sub. Now, in book 1 I remember thinking that they needed to communicate and work through the rules. It seems that they must have in the books because we do see a more established, if not secretive, relationship here.
This is a very interesting and entertaining series and I highly recommend the read!

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  1. I have read book 1 of the series and highly enjoyed it. I do plan to read the rest because I was invested in seeing them better their relationship. Like Meredith said they did have a lack of communication which we all know causes more issues :)
    Looking forward to continuing the series.

  2. I haven't read this series but clearly I should. It all sounds utterly fascinating.

  3. I have not started this series yet. It is on my "pile" as I have book 1 already!

  4. I have not read it but it looks good. I have read Master of No One and LOVED IT so I'm picking up book one of this series.

    1. Book 1 is currently free at Amazon! Thank you Tricia!