Monday, January 25, 2016

COVER REVEAL The Copper by Bonnie Dee And RELEASE DAY POST Will and the Valentine Saint by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon!!! #Giveaway


The Copper

"Summer Devon and I hit the ground running in 2016 with the release of The Professor and the Smuggler and now Will and the Valentine Saint, which goes live today. In March we'll offer the Spring/Easter installment of our Victorian Holiday Hearts series, Mike and the Spring Awakening. But today I'd like to reveal the cover of my solo novel coming in April, The Copper."


Jaded lord, stalwart cop, instant attraction.

Lord Avery Wickersham wakes from a night’s debauchery at a bordello to police officers pounding on the bedroom door.  During the vice raid, Constable Connor Tate is ready to arrest the lord and his two male sex partners when Avery’s glib tongue earns a reprieve for his friends if not for himself.
 From this grim beginning, men as opposite as summer and winter slowly work their way to an unexpected spring. Avery is ripe for a change in his aimless life, while Connor struggles between duty and desire. Overwhelming passion takes them by storm, but can a rush of lust evolve into commitment when their lives are so different?

While Avery attempts altruism by volunteering at a charity mission, Connor uncovers government corruption and an evil man who brings torture and death to his victims. The duo join forces to try to stop the killer, but when one of the lovers faces peril, time may run out.


Will and The Valentine Saint

A Valentine bonbon from Devon/Dee.
Will Andrews wishes to escape the craziness of his bohemian family and create some order in his life. Hiding his eccentric theater background and presenting false letters of recommendation, he interviews for a position at a legal aid society. The last thing he expects is to fall hard for his genteel employer, Hugh St. John.
When Hugh needs a secretary, one magnetic candidate draws him. Will Andrews shares his vision for the Society and is also the most attractive man he’s ever met. But Hugh has never even kissed a man and would never throw himself at an employee.

As the pair plans a Valentine charity dinner, they grow ever closer to surrendering to Cupid’s arrow. But when Will’s false credentials and true background are revealed, can Hugh forgive his lies and omissions? Can fragile romance blossom into true love after trust is broken?

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There are two fantastic giveaways happening today!

FIRST: Two people will win any backlist titles of Bonnie Dee's

SECOND: One person will win Simon and the Christmas Spirit by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon.

Contest will run until January 31st! Winners will be contacted via email so be sure to check your spam!
Thank you all and Good luck!!!

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  1. Hello ladies! Fabulous work once again!

  2. Love your work!! Woke up this morning to find Will's story on my Kindle. The Copper sounds amazing!! So many reasons for spring to get here soon :)

  3. great work! congrats to you both