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Blog Tour: Outside Sanity by Bronwyn Heeley #Excerpt #Giveaway

TITLE: Outside Sanity
SERIES: Encounter Space #2
AUTHOR: Bronwyn Heeley
RELEASE DATE: 26 of January 2016 by BonyDee Press
GENRE/CATEGORY/TAG: Science Fiction M/M Romance
LENGTH: 8,854



Trading one master for another or that’s what it seems to John but can there be more to this space ship than meets the eye?

John life was nothing but masters and pain. He couldn’t remember life any other way and didn’t believe it was ever going to change. Mita however has other plans, but can he get the human to believe he’s truly free?

Note: there is no sexual intercourse in the pages of this book


John sat up once the door shut behind the aliens. He wasn’t sure what was going on but, unlike the blob of slim that had originally bought him, this master didn’t look too evil. He was even clean.
John lifted his arm, tugging at his ear slightly as he remembered Mita’s light touch when he checked John’s implant.
He let his eyes wander the room, a lightness filling him. This wasn’t a bad set up. First, he was out of his crate. That hadn’t happened in… hell, John couldn’t remember the last time. Second, a master had given him a bed to sleep in. Had that ever happened? John couldn’t remember, but he supposed it didn’t matter.
The ship rocked and John looked towards—
A wall of windows filled his vision. John didn’t feel himself creeping forward but must have; the view was getting closer.
He saw a ship floating in a sea of greens and white, surrounded by blackness. It was listing slightly off its axis, and John supposed it was the first ship he’d been on. He watched, unable to look away, as it seemed to shrink in on itself and a bright light spilled from the middle, eating up the colours around it. Then a shockwave rushed outwards, cleansing the universe of the ship’s remains. John was in awe.
He felt light. So light. As if he was floating up against the roof. He watched the place become smaller and smaller. Never taking his eyes off that spot as they sped away.
 He knew he wasn’t free. He had a new master now. But this one gave him a bed and was so pleasing to John’s eyes he was sure he wouldn’t mind doing whatever the alien asked of him. Nothing would be too great a price to pay for taking him away from the misery he was sure to have found on that ship.

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