Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Human Body Is Art

It's a work of art. Possibly the greatest masterpiece we will create in our lifetime. We look in the mirror, we paint our canvas. We do it for ourselves and for the appreciation of others. We want to be admired. We like it when we hear, "New hair cut? I love it." When someone says, "Love that color on you." We like it.

The human body is art. It comes in all colors, shapes, and textures. Slopes, divots, and curves. The world is a museum and we are the exhibits. 
Our bodies are meant to connect. We seek touch. We need it. Imagine your fingers are paint brushes, beside you is a smooth blank canvas (  stomach, breasts, a flaccid penis) You lightly stroke, tickle, you brings the canvas to life. It ripples, rises, blushes. You are creating art in it's most intimate form.

How is the human body offensive? How is it we can caress art one moment and set it on fire the next?
I suppose there are some who find the beauty of pose angering. A woman frozen in ecstasy. A man shaking in anticipation. Our eyes tend to linger over the beads of sweat that glisten over a well sculpted chest hoping a droplet slides down so we can appreciate the journey.

If you say you don't appreciate beauty, you're a liar. How can you say any of these pictures aren't stunning? Too many people try to make it ugly. We post photos like this to say, "Look how beautiful we are!" Not to say, "I am here to offend you."

The next time you get the urge to report someone who is sharing with you amazing art. Look in the mirror. Would you like it if someone reported you? Would you like it if you showed your art to the world only to be rejected and silenced? You probably wouldn't. Let's value this art we are given.