Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Mother

No life is easy. We live in the trenches of despair, climb up the wall of hope, run through the valley of unknown and maybe we fall into another trench. Maybe.
Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of tumbles. What have I learned? Nothing and everything. Mostly, no one is perfect. People make mistakes. Trust can be lost and it can be the greatest gift you give and receive.

My mother has taught me a lot in my life. She’s taught me to fight, always fight and to never give up. She is the main reason I stand up for equal rights. She’s why I speak up in a room full of silence. 

When my son was diagnosed with Autism, I never panicked. I pushed, pulled, foraged. I gathered all the knowledge there was to find. See, my mother had polio as a child. A time very different from now. It took a huge chunk of her life. She fought, she wanted to give up but she never did. It forever changed her. She is a fighter. I am a fighter. My children will be fighters. 

Fear is suffocating if you let it consume you. It’s why we live in a world filled with hate left and right. When we see wrong and we approach it, there’s a chance it can end badly. There’s also a chance greatness will come of it too.

I am a strong woman! I know I am. But I’m that way because a warrior raised me. My mother has her scars, they are the reminders of all she has been through. They are her battle scars. 

Her hugs have healed me, her kisses have been a balm to the world’s burns. Her words are the scripture I believe. She is a woman, she’s my mom. Her blood runs through me. A hero’s blood. My hero.

This Mother’s Day and every day I want her to know how her love; her constant guidance, and her unfaltering support have kept me up. Kept me strong. 

Moms are amazing! MY MOM is amazing! I love you, Mom.


  1. Im just blown away. Meredith, you make me feel like a super star. After crying like a baby over this post ,the love I feel can never be measured.
    Love you Baby

  2. Your post (and your mother's wonderful response) made me happy and then it made me sad. My mother died in 1990. I'm grateful we were great friends at the time and had been for years so I have no 'I should have's' or 'if only's'to burden me. But I miss her and I resent that she missed so many big occasions in my life. Having said that, knowing without doubt that she loved me and would be proud of who I am today helps a lot, as does the fact that I look a lot like her. I'm now a year younger than she was when she died and when I look in the mirror I can imagine I'm looking at her as she was the last time I saw her.

    1. Oh, Helena. I am so very sorry for your loss. I don't like to think about what will happen when my mom passes. She's my best friend and I'd be devastated. But, I live all my moments with her the best we can. Lots of love!