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Promo Post: Tears I Shed by Kim Morris #Excerpt and #Giveaway

Published: February 21, 2014
138 pages
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The Tears I Shed tells the story of Kayla, who has been married for fifteen years to the love of her life, but her seemingly happy marriage ends tragically after the sudden death of her husband and young son. As Kayla grieves for her loss and thinks that life couldn’t get any worse, her husband’s separate life which includes a mistress and twin son’s further tears her life apart and sends her into seclusion from her family and friends. A year later, Kayla meets a handsome stranger named Justice and when it looks as if the sun is finally shining again, along comes Justice’s ex Jazzmine Charles, who wreaks havoc in the lives of Kayla, Justice and her friends Kyra, Greg, Jenesis, Jahren and Felecia. Jazzmine will not stop until Justice is hers and will use any means necessary to complete her goal.
Love, hate, betrayal, drama and tragedy are all in the day and life of these friends. Who will overcome and be the last standing in the game of love where rules do not apply.


Kyra closed the door wondering who had sent her something.  There was no name or address.  She slowly opened the flap and pulled out one of the pictures.  Her mouth opened, but made no sound.  She looked toward the kitchen where Greg was making breakfast. 
She thought back to all the years they had been together and how he went out of his way to get her to go out with him, since he was four hours away in Fayetteville attending college at U of A and she attended ASU.  She had never worried about him cheating or messing around.  He had always been so good to her, but now she was looking at a picture of him screwing another woman on his office desk.  She knew it was him she could see the picture of him and Justice hanging on the wall in the background.  She didn’t know what she was feeling. An array of emotions took over her body. 
She looked through all the pictures as she stood at the door.  Tears began to flow down her face. 
“Kyra, who was that at the door?” Greg yelled breaking her concentration.  She didn’t even remember walking in the kitchen, but at that moment she began hitting Greg with all her might.  She moved in on him so fast and unexpectedly all he could do was put his arms up in defense.
“You muthafucker!” Kyra screamed.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”  Greg finally grabbed her arms wrapping them around her and turning her back to him to restrain her from hitting him.  “Calm your ass down.”
“Just let me go then,” she said trying to break free from his grip. 
“I’m going to let you go but you have to stop hitting me.  Damn you have my mouth bleeding.”  He let her go and grabbed a paper towel wiping blood from his mouth.
“Your ass lucky more than that isn’t bleeding.”
“Damn Kyra, you can take the girl out of Southwest Little Rock but you can’t take Southwest Little Rock out of the girl.”

This was a very dramatic read. My heart broke for Kayla a lot. I couldn't imagine losing my child and the love of my life. There was quite an ensemble to this story and I will admit it got a bit confusing at times. There were many twists and turns that added to the suspense and intensity that Kim Morris clearly is going for. Very high octain read for me. There was deep sadness and uplifting joy. Twisted within that was anger, drama, and a lot of sass! It was an interesting read and Kim has my attention.

Author Bio:
Kim Morris is the author of Tears I Shed and the sequel Tears I Shed 2.  In addition to writing books, Kim also writes poetry.  Her poem Raising Sons and In Memory Ofhave been featured in several online magazines.
In her spare time, Kim is an avid reader and basketball fan.  She is working on her third book.  She currently resides in Jonesboro, Arkansas with her family.
Visit her online at or on Facebook: and follow on Twitter/Instagram @poetdiva1.


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